Kamini Name Meaning

Let’s know about Kamini Name Meaning. Name is the focal point of our life because our whole life depends on the name. Our personality is formed by the name. A good personality is created by a good name, but a good personality is not developed by keeping any name. As parents, it is your utmost duty to give your child a name that will help them develop a good personality. The name ‘Kamini’ is one such name given to girls. But to know in detail about the meaning, horoscope and personality of this name, you must read our article till the end, then definitely read it.

Meaning of the name Kamini

Many times it happens that on hearing the name, we start drawing the character of that person. In this we can also say that if you keep the name thinking that a glimpse of its character can also be seen in it, then you may like the name Kamini. Kamini is an attractive name for girls. Which means beautiful woman and the one to be wished for, it happens and these girls have Gemini zodiac sign. A table has been given ahead in which the constellation, numerology, auspicious days etc. for the name Kamini have been told, so do have a look at it once.

Meaningbeautiful woman to be desired
constellationMrigashira (Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Bay, Bo)
Good Day Wednesday
happy color light yellow, green, pink and white
auspicious gem Emerald

What is the meaning of the name Kamini?

Kamini is one of the very cute girl names. Kamini name meanings is Desirable, Beautiful, Affectionate, A beautiful and graceful woman. Kamini is beautiful in the meaning of her name, so you can imagine how beautiful she will be in reality. Girls named Kamini believe in living a life full of comfort and convenience. They have great curiosity to know something. Because of this she is found to be very knowledgeable. These girls are true to their word. Despite being beautiful, they do not have any pride in this. Talking about the work of girls named Kamini, they like to do challenging work. These girls like to do different types of work.

Kamini Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of girls named Kamini is Gemini. The lord of this zodiac is the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury is a symbol of intelligence, so the people of Gemini are found to be very intelligent and sensible and also in the zodiac, the people of the zodiac named Gemini are considered to be the most brainy. The people of this zodiac are very clever. He knows very well how to make others agree with him. These girls also have the qualities of hypnosis. It is difficult for people to escape from the trap of their words.

What is the constellation of the name Kamini?

Girls named Kamini are born in the Nakshatra Mrigashira whose symbol is the head of a deer. The names that come under this Nakshatra begin with the letters Ve, Wo, Ka, Ki, Be, Bo.

Other names for Gemini like Kamini

As we mentioned that Kamini is an attractive name for girls. But if you want to know more names of girls according to Gemini, then it is mentioned in the table below, you can also consider these names.

Image (Chhavi)Poetry

Names Similar to Kamini

You liked this name very much and you want one more such name to be kept as a choice so that in future if you want to suggest a second child or a relative, you can do so by submitting your details on the table below. Take a look

Name Name
Ragini (Ragini)Tejaswini

famous people named Kamini

If Kamini is a beautiful name, then the fame of this name will also be uncountable. You must have heard about some celebrities named Kamini who are very famous, whose information we have given below, definitely read it.

kamini roypoetess
kamini desaiyoga teacher and writer
Kamini KaushalActress
Kamini Jindalpolitician
Kamini KadamActress
Kamini Khannamusic producer

girl names starting with ‘k’

Sometimes parents get very worried about the name that which name will be better for their child. If you are also getting worried that what should you name your daughter, then for this we have given some special names with the letter ‘K’, you can consider them.

Kasturiflavored ingredients
Kritikaname of a star
Kamyabeautiful, hardworking, successful
Kiarablack haired
Kashmirred kumkum
Caravi (Kairavi)Moonlight
Ketkia flower
Kusumflowers, fire

In this article, we have tried to tell everything related to the name Kamini. In the end, as a conclusion, we can say that the name is beautiful and its meaning is also very rarely seen, and if you are getting such a name, then you should not delay in keeping it, so that the meaning of this name is very good. You should not get to see any other children around you. If you have liked the name or after reading this article your worries related to the name have gone away, then do share it by liking it.

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