My country essay

Let us know about My country essay. The name of my country is a matter of pride in the whole world. My country, tradition, bravery, culture or whatever you say, is great in all geographical conditions. My country, tradition, bravery, culture or whatever you say, is great in all geographical conditions. Where in such ancient times it was called by the name Aryavat. No matter how many crises and wars my country India has faced, but my country has been leading in every field in every era.

A father of the nation like Mahatma Gandhi was born in my country who sacrificed his life for the freedom. My country has attached crores of children to its heart. The national language of my country is. “Vande Mataram” is the national song. “Jana Gana Mana” is the national anthem. The national bird of my country is “Peacock”. The national animal of my country India is “Tiger”. The national symbol is “Tula”. Which is a symbol of justice. The future of my country India was even brighter and will remain brighter in future as well, let’s start My country essay.

My country essay is an agricultural country

My country is an agricultural country, here all kinds of grains are produced like maize, jowar, wheat, millet, etc. Agriculture in my country is being done since the time of Indus Valley Civilization. Agriculture is done on about 51% of my country, a total of 52% people run their livelihood from agriculture. Apart from being an agricultural country, my country is also leading in other countries.

Rivers and States of My Country India

In my country there are streams of pure and clean water coming out of the Himalayas. There are many rivers in my country – like Ganga, Yamuna, Sutlej, Godavari, and many others, the rivers of my country are worshipable. There are some states in my country which have many minerals in their lap. Kashmir, Nainital, Shimla, Kullu Manali – such states whose natural beauty is no less than a heaven.

Culture of My country India

The culture of my country is based on unity in diversity. This unity in diversity is not just a word but it is fully applicable in the culture and heritage of the country. My country has left a mark of its colorful and unique culture on the world map. My country remained famous for its tradition and guest till Marya, Chola, Mughal period and British Empire. My country also welcomed those Britishers who ruled my country for many years but because of their diplomats, showing unity in diversity of my country forced them to leave my country. The culture of my country and its art craft is also because of dance and music. The culture of my country is very attractive compared to other countries.

Law of My Country India

Follow the general conduct for all the people living in my country, some rules have been made for this, it is necessary for every citizen of my country to follow it, for those who do not follow it, the punishment has been set by the judiciary in my country. Has gone. There is democracy in my country. Same law applies to everyone in my country and it is necessary for every citizen of my country to follow it.

My Country India Place in Science and Technology

The name of my country has developed a lot in science and technology, new discoveries are being made in science and technology in all countries, but my country is also not behind in this race. Many scientists are involved in scientific discoveries in my country. In which C.V. Raman, Jagdish Chandra Basu, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and many more became scientists. He has made significant contribution in physics, medical science, astronomical science. The name of my country has been illuminated.


If I want to write about my country, then words will fall short, it has achieved independence by suffering a lot of pain and blood, but still it did not give up. Today my country, which was called a golden bird, was stolen by the British, but today my country has left no stone unturned to get the same place with its hard work, dedication and honesty. I am proud of my country.

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