My First Day in School Essay

My First Day in School Essay; Let’s know about My First Day in School Essay. When a person goes to an unknown place or meets an unknown person, then he has many doubts. Similarly, when we go to a new school, our mind is full of doubts and questions. We are very worried. We look forward to learning about new teachers and classmates. I still remember my first day at the new school. I was in tenth standard. I was going from middle school to high school. Let’s start My First Day in School Essay

School Details –

My first day experience in school is from the time when I had passed class VIII. My result was very good, I passed in first class. So I got an opportunity to take admission in a good school in the city. All the neighbors and relatives including my family provided their advice and suggestions. After listening to everyone’s suggestions, my father got me admitted in a good school. After admission in the school, I filled and submitted my admit card. After a few days the entry list was taken out. And my name appeared in the first list itself. I was very happy to see this. After depositing the fees, etc., he left home for school at the fixed time for his studies.

First day at school

When I entered the gates of my new school, I was in awe. Its premises were vast in size. The school building was very beautiful. I found my class and went inside. Most of the seats were full. I saw that the last bench was empty and sat there. All my classmates were staring blankly at me. After some time we went to the school playground for the morning assembly. There was a congregational prayer. After that the Principal while addressing the new students informed them about the importance of discipline.
Our class teacher came to the class at the first bell. He introduced me to the whole class. He asked about my previous school and exam results. In this way four bells passed. Some of my classmates came to talk to me. We went out during the recess. By then I had made some friends. I shared my lunch with them. They gave me the school library, Showed science lab and indoor stadium. He also told me about some other teachers of the school. I took some ‘notes’ from him. He promised to help me complete my course. Some mischievous students tried to play pranks on me.

That experience was also good. Since it was the first day of school, there was no study after recess. The children started playing. I went to the sports house and played carrom board and chess. I really enjoyed playing the game. Then the holiday bell rang. The children took their bags and started talking to each other towards home.

Epilogue –

Thus the first day of school was spent in getting to know the new school and getting acquainted with the teachers and classmates. Got many new experiences. Made many new friends. Play games with new friends. Then returned home while chatting with his friend. Returning home, share your experiences with your mother, father and brother. All my classmates were nice. I really enjoyed my first day at my new school. Sometimes I still remember that day.

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