Navya Name Meaning

Let us know about Navya Name Meaning. When a small guest comes in the family, the happiness becomes two times. That is because having a child in the house creates a lot of excitement. Meanwhile, the topic of great discussion also remains that what should be the name of the child? And when it comes to names, everyone in the house starts making their own suggestions. But the parents have the first right to keep the name.

If they have already thought what name they want to give to their child, then everyone should leave this decision to the parents. Yes but if you have any good name which you want to suggest to them then there is no problem in it. If a lovely baby girl has been born in the house, then we also suggest you a name that you will fall in love with as soon as you hear it and that name is ‘Navya’. If you want to know about this name in detail, then you have to read this article completely.

Meaning of the name Navya

Many times new parents get confused about what name to name the baby amidst so many name suggestions. If you are also one of them and are looking for a good name then your search can end here. We suggest you to keep the trending name for your baby girl like Navya and will also give all the information related to this name through this article. The meaning of this name is Blue eyed, Young, Worthy of praise. The zodiac sign of the name starting with the letter N is Scorpio, which is considered auspicious for them. Let us further know about the personality and nature of girls named Navya.

Name new
Meaning young, blue eyed, admirable
gender  Girl
Numerology 9
Religion Hindu
Amount Scorpio
constellation Anuradha (na, na, ni, nu, nay)
Good Day Tuesday
happy color Yellow, Red, Rainbow, Pink
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Navya?

Navya is the new and stylish name of today’s era. Many parents prefer to adopt new names instead of choosing the old ones. If you are also one of those new parents and are thinking of naming your baby girl Navya, then know the meaning of this name. Navya means: Blue eyed, Youthful, Worthy of praise. Girls with this name have a lot of faith in God and at the same time they also know how to walk in the society with time. These girls work hard to achieve new heights and if any obstacle comes in the way of their goal, they solve it calmly. As beautiful as they are in appearance, their mind is equally clear.

Navya Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Navya girls is Scorpio. Girls of this zodiac are very intelligent and do everything with great understanding. They keep their words clearly in front of everyone. Her views may be different from the people but she respects everyone’s views. They like to listen to everyone’s words, but they act only according to their mind. They mold themselves according to the society. Na, Ya are considered the main letters of this zodiac.

What is the constellation of Navya?

The name Navya is ‘Anuradha’ Nakshatra and whose symbol is Toran Dwar. Other letters associated with this are – Na, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, Ni, Nu, Nai.

Other names for Scorpio like Navya

Since the name Neetu starts with the letter N, it comes in Scorpio. If you want information about the names of girls with more letters according to Scorpio, then we have found some names for you. You can choose the name of your choice from these.

YaminiYashika (Yashika)

More names similar to Navya

Navya is a great name in itself, but if you want a name similar to it, then we have given some suggestions related to it below.

Name  Name
Savya (Savya)Navnika

Famous people named Navya

There are many famous personalities named Navya who are earning a lot of name in their field, here we are going to tell you about some such famous women.

Name occupation 
Navya Naveli Nandamodel
Navya NairActress
New lordActress
Navya SinghActress
A new breedsinger
Navya Rameshblogger

girl names starting with ‘n’

If you are thinking of naming your daughter with the letter ‘N’ or want to give her a unique name, then do have a look at the list of names given below.

Nairafull of light
Nihiraprosperity, prosperity, new wealth
Nirvihappiness, joy
Nidhirato be sensible
Naysa (Naysa)God’s magic, miracle
Nitarabe strong
Niyapurpose, brightness
Neelakshiblue eyed attractive
destinyluck, luck

If you have liked the name Navya after reading this article and whether we have been able to clear all doubts about this name in your mind, it is up to you to decide. So we hope that your daughter Navya name will brighten your name all over the world and further success in life will kiss her feet.

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