Neelam Name Meaning

Let us know about Neelam Name Meaning. Every happiness of life is on one side and the happiness of being a parent is on the other side. Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life. It is believed that until the couple becomes parents their life is not successful. That is why this happiness is considered as the greatest happiness in the world. Parents start preparing to welcome this joy from the first month. So they start searching for the name of the child as well. Today we will talk about very cute ‘Neelam’ for girls which is very special in itself. If you like this name, then definitely try to read this article till the end so that you can get important information related to this name.

Meaning of the name Neelam

Neelam is a very favorite girl name which is liked by most of the people. Some names are such that one can understand their personality just by listening to them and Neelam is one of these names. Talking about its meaning, you can guess its meaning from the name itself, but to get accurate information about the name, you must read this article of ours. The meaning of name Neelam is “sapphire, blue stone and precious stone”. Its zodiac sign is Scorpio. Read on to know more about the name Neelam.

Meaningsapphire, blue stone, precious stone
constellationAnuradha (Na, Ni, Nu, Ne)
Good DayTuesday
happy color light, red, chocolate, orange
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Neelam?

Neelam is such a name that hearing people understand what qualities these girls can have. But if you are still not able to understand then we remove your worry. The meaning of name Neelam is “sapphire, blue stone and precious stone”. Girls named Neelam are born lucky. Their mind is under their control. These girls are physically very strong. There is no place for laziness in their life.

Neelam Name Horoscope

Neelam’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, whose ruling planet is Mars. Girls named Neelam are always full of enthusiasm and any work or say that every problem seems small in front of them. Girls named Neelam are very talented. They are also stubborn and they get angry very quickly. Being stubborn, they themselves do not follow others’ words but others follow their words. In these girls, you can see a combination of both guts and courage which helps them to reach great heights in their life.

What is the constellation of Neelam?

Girls named Neelam are born in Anuradha Nakshatra whose symbol is soup or stream. Na, Ni, Nu, Ne are the letters that come under this Nakshatra.

Other names for Scorpio like Neelam

If your first choice is zodiac sign and you want to name your daughter according to Scorpio zodiac, in which apart from letter ‘N’, ‘Y’ and ‘T’ also come, then for this you can choose a name from the table below. Are.

TanviYashika (Yashika)
TamannaYuvanshi (Yuvanshi)
Tanisha (Tanisha)Yati

Names Similar to Neelam

Such Neelam is a very liked name. But if you do not want to name your daughter Neelam and keep something similar to it, then we have prepared a list of some such names for you in the table below, definitely read it.

Poonam (Punam)Neelambari
RimjhimNilambika (Neelambika)

Famous people named Sapphire

Neelam is a lovely name and that is why you should know complete information related to this name. Keeping your needs in mind, we have gathered information about some famous personalities named Neelam, which are as follows.

Neelam KothariActress
Neelam Saxena Chandraauthor and poetess
Neelam Chaturvedihuman rights activist
Neelam DevAmbassador
Neelam Gillindian british model
Neelam Mansingh Chowdharytheater director
Neelam SharmaLate Doordarshan Anchor

girl names starting with ‘n’

The name not only leaves its mark on our personality, but also the contribution of the first letter of the name is no less. If you want to name your daughter with the letter ‘N’, then for this you must read the table given below.

Naynacharming eyes
policyGood behavior
Niharikastar, galaxy, blurry
destinyfate, necessity
Nivritti (Nivritti)Detachment, renunciation of suffering
Nitya (Nitya)Anant, another name for Maa Durga

In this article, we learned that girls named Neelam have a very courageous personality. Sometimes it is in their personality not to be afraid of anyone. Their intellect is very sharp and they are also ahead in working hard. These girls get such comfort only after a lot of struggle in the early life and it is also right because we do not appreciate what we get without struggle. If you are satisfied with the information given by us, then definitely name your daughter Shahrukh or suggest it to your parents-to-be friends.

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