Niharika Name Meaning

Let’s know about Niharika Name Meaning. As time is changing, people’s preferences are also changing. Earlier, while naming the child, people used to see whether the meaning of the name is good or not. But today’s people also emphasize on how unique and good it is to hear the name with its meaning. Especially when it comes to finding a name for a girl child, parents are more cautious. Let us make your work a little easier by giving you information about a great name for daughters. This name is Niharika!! Niharika has a good meaning and it sounds great. Do not forget to read the full article to know and understand this name more closely.

Meaning of the name Niharika

Niharika is a very cute and attractive name for girls. There is no doubt that the meaning of this name makes it more beautiful. Before you adopt it, you must have knowledge of its meaning. Name Niharika or (no variations) means Cluster of stars, Drop of dew, Galaxy. This name comes in Scorpio because of the alphabet. To know more about the personality and meaning of this name, definitely read this article further.

Name nebula
Meaning cluster of stars, dew drop, galaxy
gender  Girl
Numerology 8
Religion Hindu
Amount Scorpio
Star Anuradha (N, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, Ni, Nu, Na)
Good Day Tuesday
happy color Chocolate, Orange, Yellow, Red
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Niharika?

The more unique the name, the more its demand increases, but some names may not be different but they are chosen because of their meaning. Niharika is one of those names. You may not know this name closely, nor what is the specialty of women with this name. If you also want to name your daughter Niharika and want to know how people named Niharika are, then read this entire article carefully. Nebula means a cluster of stars, a drop of dew, etc. These girls have a slightly different personality, they are small in height and very beautiful in appearance. They have to face struggle in life but they are not afraid to work hard. Patience and fearlessness are clearly visible in the nature of these women. They think a lot about themselves, so it is difficult for them to trust everyone easily, due to which sometimes people consider them selfish.

Niharika Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Niharika girls is Scorpio. Girls of this zodiac are very intelligent and do everything with great understanding. They keep their words clearly in front of others. Not only this, girls with this name have a lot of faith in Hindu customs and at the same time they have full faith in themselves regarding any work. As beautiful as they are in appearance, they are equally courageous and hardworking from inside. When she thinks about achieving anything, she works with full honesty. Na, Ya are considered the main letters of this zodiac.

What is the constellation named Niharika?

Niharika is the name of the constellation ‘Anuradha’ and its symbol is the Vijay Stambha. Other letters associated with it are – na, na, ni, nu, ne, ni, nu, nai.

Other names for Scorpio like Niharika

Since the name Niharika starts with the letter N, it comes in Scorpio. If you want information about the names of girls with other alphabets according to Scorpio, then we have found some names for you. You can choose the name of your choice from these.


More names similar to Niharika

If you like the name Niharika too and want to name your daughter Shahrukh or a name similar to it, then take a look at further name list.

Name  Name

Famous people named Niharika

Many women named Niharika are famous all over the world. We have brought information for you about some such celebrities named Niharika.

Name occupation 
Niharika SinghActress
niharika khancostume designer
Niharika Pandeyfashion designer
Niharika KonidelaTelugu actress and film producer
Niharika AcharyaJournalist
Niharika Desaitv editor
Niharika Vohrawriter

girl names starting with ‘n’

There are many trending and best meaning girl names starting with the letter ‘N’ and if you are also looking for names starting with the letter ‘N’, then do check the list of names given below.

Namanshiconqueror of all evils and sins
Neelakshiblue eyed
Nairitisouth west direction
Nanditahappy, pleasing
नंदिका (Translated)happy woman, goddess lakshmi
NandaGoddess Durga
NeeruFlash of light
Nayanikapupils of the eyes

Niharika is a very cute name. Therefore, in this article, we have explained in detail about the name Niharika’s meaning, zodiac sign, constellation and nature. In such a situation, if you feel that this name can prove to be better for your daughter, then you will definitely be able to adopt it. Before adopting this name, you must read this article carefully and also send it to your relatives so that they too can understand the importance of this name.

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