Nishtha Name Meaning

Let us know about Nishtha Name Meaning. Lakshmi has arrived in your house. There is a wave of happiness everywhere in the house. But when it comes to choosing the name of the daughter, the family members start getting worried. They want to give a very nice name to the lady of their house. If a daughter has taken birth in your house too, then we have brought information about your very beautiful and lovely name ‘Nishtha’. This is one of the trendy names of today and if you want to adopt this name then read the complete article to know about it in detail.

Meaning of the name Nishtha

Nishtha is a very trendy and stylish name for girls. Understanding the meaning of this name, everyone thinks of adopting it. The more this name is trending, the more it is becoming the first choice of parents. Parents are attracted towards any name only when they have complete information about it. Nishtha means devotion, faith in God, steadfastness. By its meaning, you can easily identify the personality of the person with this name. Talk about its zodiac, then it comes in Scorpio. Next, we will tell you about the nature of girls with this name and the good and bad thoughts associated with it.

Name Loyalty
Meaning Devotion, Faith in God, Perseverance
gender  Girl
Numerology 7
Religion Hindu
Amount Scorpio
constellation Anuradha (N, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, Ni, Nu, Na)
Good Day Tuesday
happy color Yellow, Red, Light Blue
auspicious gem Coral

What is the meaning of the name Nishtha?

Nishtha is very beautiful and pleasant name and meaning of this name is also considered very good. The name Nishtha is gaining popularity nowadays. But you may not know this name closely, nor what is the specialty of women with this name. We will give all this information to you through this article. If you have thought of naming your daughter Shahrukh, then don’t let it go at all. Let us tell you that in relation to Shahrukh’s meaning, there is monarchy. The personality of girls with this name is very good and attractive. Also, they are very patient and fearless by nature. She thinks a lot about herself, so she does not trust everyone easily, due to which many people consider her selfish.

Horoscope for Nishtha

The astrological sign of girls named Nishtha is Scorpio. Girls of this zodiac are very intelligent and do everything with great understanding. They keep their words clearly in front of others. Not only this, girls with this name believe more in religious things and at the same time have full faith in their abilities. As beautiful as they are in appearance, they are equally courageous and hardworking from inside. When she is determined to achieve anything, she works with complete honesty. Girls with this name like to talk only as much as is necessary. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be Ta, Na, Ya.

What is the constellation of the name Nishtha?

Nishta is the name of the constellation ‘Anuradha’ and its symbol is the Vijay Pillar. Other letters associated with it are – na, na, ni, nu, ne, ni, nu, nai.

Other names according to Scorpio like Loyalty

Nishtha is a new and unique name which you all must have heard many times and this name comes in Scorpio because it starts with the letter N. If you want to know about the names of girls with more alphabets according to the zodiac sign of Scorpio, then we have found some names for you. You can choose the name of your choice from these.


More names similar to Nishtha

It is difficult not to adopt a name like Nishtha, but still if you are looking for a name similar to this name, then we have prepared a list of some names for you, must check them.

Reputation (Pratishtha)Sharmishtha

Famous people called loyalty

Nishtha is quite a trending name. Many famous people are famous among people all over the world through this name. We have brought information for you about some famous people named Naitik.

Name occupation 
Nishtha Sharmasinger
Nishtha JaswalProfessor, Administrator, Writer
Nishta Vaidyachild artist
Loyalty Dudejamodel

girl names starting with ‘n’

There are many trending and best meaning girl names starting with the letter ‘N’ and if you are also looking for names starting with the letter ‘N’, then definitely check the list of names given below.

Neelanjana (Neelanjana)blue eyed
Navinyanewness, beauty
Nitima (Nitima)virtuous, with principles
Nirmita (Nirmita)Creation, welfare
Nanditahappy, pleasing
नंदिका (Translated)happy woman, goddess lakshmi
NandaGoddess Durga
NeeruFlash of light
Nayanikapupils of the eyes

The name Nishtha is very much discussed at this time. This name will not only enhance the beauty and grace of your daughter but will also give her a great feel. Nishtha is a very lovely name and we have given information about it in this article, about which all of you can read. With the help of these information, you can choose the name for your daughter and you will also be satisfied. If you find the information given by us beneficial, then definitely tell us the comment.

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