Pawan Name Meaning

Let us know about Pawan Name Meaning. It is the dream of every parent that their child should be healthy as well as successful in their life. Sometimes the reason behind those successes is also his name. That’s why parents do not take the important decision of choosing their child’s name lightly at all. Pawan is a very settled name and its meaning is clearly reflected in the personality of the person bearing this name. Before adopting a beautiful name like Pawan, it is important for you to know more about it. Let us try to give you all the information related to this name through this article.

Meaning of the name Pawan

The name Pawan is a well-known name for boy names. This name has been popular among the people for years. Parents also like this name. Talking about the meaning of Pawan, the name Pawan means windy and friendly. By its meaning, you can easily find out the personality of the person with this name. The name Pawan comes in Virgo because it starts with the letter P. Next, we will tell you about the nature of boys with this name and the good and bad thoughts associated with it.

Name wind
Meaning windy, friendly
gender Boy
Numerology 9
Religion Hindu
Amount Virgo
constellation Uttaraphalguni (te, to, p, pa, p)
Good Day Wednesday
happy color light yellow, green, blue and white
auspicious gem Emerald

What is the meaning of the name Pawan?

Even though Pawan is a common name, people still like it today. This name has been popular among people for years and people also like it very much. This name is one of the chosen names of boys that every household, relative all can like to keep. The meaning of name Pawan is “wind, friendly”. Talking about the look of boys with this name, they are very attractive in appearance and everyone gets convinced of their personality. The nature of boys named Pawan is very sociable and gentle towards people. These people talk very lovingly to others and at the same time they do their work according to the occasion. They like to live their life on their own terms.

Pawan name horoscope

People named Pawan come under Virgo. People of this zodiac are very organized about their things and keep everything in its place. Boys named Pawan are interested in music, blogging, media etc. Such people are fond of wearing stylish clothes so that people see and appreciate them. Also, their nature is very soft towards others and they do not refuse to do any work of others. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be T, P, Sh, Th, N.

What is the constellation named Pawan?

The constellation named Pawan is Uttara Phalguni, whose symbol is considered to be the last two legs of the cot. Other letters associated with Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra are as follows – Te, To, Pa, Pa, P.

Other names according to Virgo like Pawan

The name Pawan comes in Virgo because it starts with the letter P. If you are also looking for boy names with other alphabets included in Virgo, then we have found some names for you. You can choose the name of your choice from these.


More names similar to Pawan

If you are looking for names that are similar to Pawan, then do check out this list that we have prepared for you. Here be that name –

Name  Name
Naman (Naman)Manan

Famous people named Pawan

People named Pawan have earned a lot of name due to their successes in the country and the world, some of which we will tell you about. Table below lists select persons named Pawan and their professions.

Name occupation 
Pawan Kant MunjalEntrepreneur, President of Hori MotoCorp
Pawan Kumar Bansalpolitician
Pawan Kalyanactor
Pawan Kumar ChamlingPolitician, former Chief Minister of Sikkim
Pawan Chopraactor
Pawan Malhotraactor
Pawan Kumar Goenkaentrepreneur
Pawan Guptawushu player
Pawan Deshpandecricketer
Pawan Sehrawatkabaddi player

boy names starting with ‘p’

If you are looking for the latest and trending baby boy names with letter P instead of Pawan, then don’t worry, we have made it easy for you. There are many such names starting with the letter P that you will definitely like. Have a look at the list below.

Parijata flower
Paritoshhappy, satisfied
PrathameshA name of Lord Ganesha
Pulkithappy, excited
ParvaStrong, Festival
Prasunflower, bloom
Pranjalhonest, self-respecting

Naming Pawan for the darling son of your home can be the best suggestion among other great names. If this name was already in your mind even before the birth of the child, then we have tried our best to get maximum information about this name so that you do not have any hesitation while naming your son or suggesting it to someone. Do not be We hope that by adopting this name, you and your son will achieve further success in life.

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