Pradeep Name Meaning

Let us know about Pradeep Name Meaning. You can see the importance of name in life in every society. If you see in Hinduism, you will find that a special program is done for naming children, which is called ‘Naamkaran Sanskar’ in Hinduism. This happens in almost everyone’s homes. Today, in our article, we will know in detail about the very lovely name of boys ‘Pradeep’, what is the special thing about this name that even today people like to keep this name. For detailed information about the name Pradeep, you must read or try to read further.

Meaning of the name Pradeep

Pradeep is a common name that you can hear around you, but still parents prefer this name because boys named Pradeep grow up to be very famous, which you will get to know by reading the article. For your information, let us tell you that in relation to Shahrukh’s meaning, there is monarchy. It means that person with name Pradeep may have personality and nature like light, shine, lamp and brilliant.

Meaninglight, shine, lamp, brilliant
constellationUttaraphalguni (te, to, pa, p)
Good DayWednesday
happy colorblue, light green, yellow and white
auspicious gem Emerald

What is the meaning of the name Pradeep?

Pradeep name meaning is Light, Shine, Lamp and Splendid which is also reflected in the behavior of boys named Pradeep. Boys named Pradeep are handsome and attractive. Boys named Pradeep have a strong memory. Once something comes to mind, it seems impossible for them to forget it. These people usually do not get angry but when it comes, they are not able to forget it immediately. These people are full of ambition and prefer to listen to the heart more than the head.

Horoscope for the name Pradeep

The zodiac sign of Pradeep is Virgo, whose symbol is a girl with a flower. The natives of Virgo zodiac named Pradeep are of religious ideology. He likes to do puja recitation which is rarely seen in boys. Boys named Pradeep have a cheerful and tolerant nature. Boys with this name become successful in their work despite being undisciplined. Person with name Pradeep create an atmosphere of happiness wherever they go.

What is the constellation of Pradeep?

Children named Pradeep are born under the Nakshatra Uttara Phalguni, symbolized by the last two legs of a cot or bed. Other names coming in this Nakshatra start with the letters Te, To, Pa, P.

Other names for Virgo like Pradeep

So Pradeep is a simple and good name. But if you want to name your son with Virgo zodiac sign but better than this, then for this you have to read the table below, then definitely read it.

Earth (Prithvi)Parag

Similar names for Pradeep

If you are thinking of naming your son something similar to Pradeep instead of Pradeep, then its information is given in the following table. You can choose one of these names for your baby.


Famous people named Pradeep

You have come to know about the personality, horoscope etc. of the name Pradeep, but still your information is incomplete without knowing about the famous people named Pradeep. That’s why we have given information about famous people named Pradeep in this article, do have a look at it.

Kavi PradeepPoet, lyricist
Pradeep Krishnafilmmaker and environmentalist
Pradeep Sarkarfilm writer and director
Pradeep Gandhebadminton player
Pradeep Narwalkabaddi player
Pradeep RanganathanFilmmaker
Pradeep Dadhecricket player
Pradeep Kumaractor
Pradeep Chowdharypolitician
V Pradeep Kumarsinger

boy names starting with ‘p’

Pradeep is a cute name for boys. But if you want to name your son with the letter ‘P’ instead of Pradeep, then for this you can look at the list given below.

Palashscarlet flowers
PurabEast direction
Direct (Pratyaksh)before
ParikshitSon of Abhimanyu mentioned in Mahabharata
Prafulhappy, happy

In this article, we learned that Pradeep is a very simple name. But people with such names grow up and work on good posts in which there is immense wealth and respect. You must have got this information after knowing about the famous people named our Pradeep. Hope you have completely agreed with the name Pradeep after reading this article, then do not delay and welcome your child to your home by naming it.

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