Ragini Name Meaning

Let’s know about Ragini Name Meaning. Children are a piece of liver for parents. To make this piece of liver happy, they try to give every happiness in the world which children need. In such a situation, if it is about the daughter, then even more love arises for her. Before giving all the comforts of the world, one of your important work is to keep the name. Ragini is a beautiful name for girls. If you also want to name your daughter Shahrukh, then before that it is very important to know about its meaning, horoscope etc. whose information is given in very simple words in our article, then definitely read further.

Meaning of the name Ragini

As a parent, you must be wondering what is there in the name Ragini. So let us remove this curiosity of yours and tell the meaning of the name Ragini. Ragini name meanings is A melody, Music, Love, An Apsara etc. Now you must have understood why we were telling you about this name. The astrological sign of Ragini is Libra. To know in detail about its meaning or meaning, definitely read this article of ours.

Meaninga raga, music, love, an apsara
Amountto you
StarChitra (pe, po, ra, ri)
Good Day Friday
happy colorwhite and light blue
auspicious gemopal, blue diamond and topaz

What is the meaning of the name Ragini?

Ragini name meanings is Music, Love, Apsara, Charming voice etc. So many things are described in the meaning itself, so if you name your daughter Ragini, then how many qualities can be included in her at the same time. Girls named Ragini are very sweet in conversation. But there is one thing that she gets angry very quickly and also gets angry very quickly. Girls named Ragini are gentle and patient. The attention of these girls is not able to stay on any one thing for a long time. This means that their focus is a bit crude.

Ragini Name Horoscope

The zodiac sign of girls named Ragini is Libra, whose symbol is scales. Being a person of Libra zodiac sign, whatever qualities of Libra zodiac sign can be seen in girls named Ragini. Girls named Ragini of this zodiac are very beautiful and attractive. Girls named Ragini are straightforward and innocent but they only think about themselves. They consider themselves to be the best in the matter of argumentation. His thoughts go far and wide. He likes to roam around a lot. Due to such personality of these girls, they do not have any shortage of Lakshmi.

What is the constellation of the name Ragini?

According to our astrologers, people named Ragini have Chitra as their birth nakshatra. The symbol of this constellation is a shining pearl. Other letters related to Nakshatra are as follows – Pe, Po, Ra, Ra, Ri.

Other names according to Libra zodiac like Ragini

Ragini is a very beautiful name for Libra zodiac and if you want to know more Libra girl names, then you must read the table below. The main letters of Libra zodiac are Ta and Ra.

Tripti (Tripti)Riddhi
Trisha (Trisha)Rati

More names similar to Ragini

If you liked the name Ragini but you are interested to know some other names like Ragini, then we have prepared a list of some names similar to Ragini for you, definitely read it.


Famous people named Ragini

Ragini is a very cute and famous name so obviously there will be famous women with it too. If you want to know about the famous women named Ragini, then you can have a look at the table below.

Ragini ChandranActress
Ragini Devidancer
Ragini KhannaActress
Ragini Vishwakarmamusic artist
Ragini ShahActress

girl names starting with ‘r’

As a parent, you must want the best name for your daughter, so if you like the name Ragini and want to know some good names starting with the letter ‘R’, then you can check out the list below.

Rupalbeautiful girl made of silver
Ramyabeautiful, delightful, attractive
Ritishagoddess of truth
RitikaJoy, Truth, A Little Flowing River
RadhikaGoddess Radha
Riddhimafountain of love

In this article, we have discussed very beautiful name Ragini used for girls, which means very influential. She is not only beautiful to look at, but her mind is also very clear. We hope that you must have liked this article of ours, then definitely give this name to your daughter as a gift and share it with your friends and relatives.

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