Railway Platform Scene Essay

In today’s article, we will learn about Railway Platform Scene Essay. Trains or trains have an important place in various means of transport. It is a timely, accessible and much safer ride. That’s why it is called public ride. Today, a network of railways is spread in the country. After attaining independence, the leaders of the nation have tried to take it to every district, city, town and village and are still doing it today. This railway station is a definite place for the giant iron-gamini to stay, take rest, take coal-diesel and water and lighten their load and take new load. Inside the station, there is a chabutra or platform for passengers to get on and off the train, which is called platform in railway language. Let’s start Railway Platform Scene Essay

Railway Platform Scene Essay

Public facilities on platform

For the convenience of the passengers, many public facilities have been provided on the platform. There are public taps for water, there are refreshment facilities for appetite, there are bookstalls for enlightenment and to satisfy mental hunger. Apart from these, one or two hawkers are also of children’s play-toys or famous items of a particular place. There is a crowd of waiting people on the platform who have come to board and get off the train, to see off or welcome their relatives or friends. Apart from these, there is a crowd of porters to pick up the goods, keep them in the car and unload them.

Porters are identified by red or green kurta, turban, white pyjama, official railway badge tied on the arm. A part of the poor people of India, begging men and women with alms-pots in their hands, Children and old people are also presenting the picture of India’s economic plight on the platform. Seeing which the mind starts getting distracted. Some people get the opportunity to earn virtue by giving them alms.

Movement of the train on reaching the platform

And now the train is about to arrive. The station staff has informed about the arrival of the train by ringing the bell and announcing on loudspeaker. Everyone has been warned. The upheaval has intensified. The waiting people who were sitting on the floor and dangling their legs on the benches have stood up. The passengers have started packing their luggage. Children are hearing voices that come quickly, the car is coming. O daughter, throw away the chaat leaf, hurry up, otherwise it will remain here. There is a stir among the coolies. Those who have already fixed their coolies are calling them. Some coolies are automatically running towards their assigned goods.

The water worker has filled the bucket. The ticket-checker appointed at the gate, who was engrossed in pea patrol, has reached the gate. Porters and coolies are coming to the platform carrying the goods to be loaded into the incoming vehicles. blowing smoke, whistling, The train moving at a relatively slow speed is entering the platform. As soon as the train entered the platform, there was a lot of commotion among the public.

railway station environment

The car stops with a jolt. The people boarding the car and the porter with the luggage are pushing and shoving to board the car showing eagerness. Those who get down are in more hurry than them. In all this chaos, loud, hoarse and nervous voices of men and women are heard, Krishna, why don’t you climb? “Hey brother, at least let my girl climb. Etcetera. On the other hand, in this light, melodious, ear-pleasing noise, the environment is being disturbed by the raucous voices of the vendors tea, hot tea, hot hot samosas, cold water, cold drinks. Here the boys of the tea-stall with glasses of tea are facing inside the windows of the compartment and are calling out, Chai hot, Hot tea.

The scene of the platform changes within four-five minutes. The alighting passengers are leaving the platform. The passengers on the platform ground and on the benches are now sitting in the train. All benches are vacant. Some people engage in tea-drinking or snacks. There has been a slight difference in the agility of those who serve water and those who sell tea. The raucous tone of the vendors has slowed down. The jostling of porters has reduced. The bookstall is empty again. Here, the car gave the first whistle to be careful to move. On the other hand, a family and two children are trying to cross the platform and enter the car after getting the luggage from the coolie. Take off the luggage of the coolie head and wait for the wages, Babu, give me the money, there is noise that the train will open.

Epilogue –

The car came and went. Passengers came and went. But the platform is peacefully situated in its place. She is waiting for the oncoming train, whose arrival brightens up her face. Again the same scene will be seen, again there will be commotion on the platform. Then people will see the eagerness to bid farewell to their relatives and welcome their relatives. Again the sound of hot tea, hot tea, samosa, hot cold water will be heard.

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