Rajni Name Meaning

Let us know about Rajni Name Meaning. Everything changes with time. Whether it is in living, eating or drinking or anything else, change comes with time. But if you say so about the name, then this is not applicable here. Some names never change with time but are always present in the list of names. Today we are going to tell about one such name. ‘Rajni’ is a very simple name for girls, which is still preferred by parents. If you are impressed by the name Rajni and want to name your daughter with it, then before that you should know about its meaning and other facts, which are explained in detail in our article.

Meaning of the name Rajni

Rajni is such a name that is liked by the parents as well as the daughter may also like it. Rajni is an alluring name meaning Night, Queen and Royal, the influence of which can be seen in girls named Rajni. The astrological sign of Rajni is a Libra. To get detailed information about the name Rajni, horoscope, constellation etc., must read this article further.

Meaningnight, queen, royal
gender Girl
Amountto you
StarChitra (pe, po, ra, ri)
Good DayFriday
happy color white and light blue
auspicious gemOpal, Blue Diamond, Topaz

What is the meaning of the name Rajni?

The meaning of name Rajni is “night, queen and royal”. This means that the personality of a girl named Rajni can be night, queen and majestic. Talking about beauty, they are very beautiful and attractive. Girls named Rajni are entitled to affection in the family because of their deeds, they get the support of family members at every stage of life. These girls have far reaching vision. Whenever she speaks something, she speaks thinking very far away. The mind of these girls is very fickle and their mind also gets bored with the same type of work. Their lifestyle is like a family.

Horoscope for the name Rajni

The zodiac sign of girls named Rajni is Libra, whose symbol is scales. Whatever the qualities and defects of the people of Libra zodiac, you will also see them in girls named Rajni. Girls named Rajni are of simple nature. She doesn’t speak much but when she does, she speaks very well. These girls understand the importance of money, so they do not have any dearth of money. Sometimes they become selfish in their decisions. The life partner of Taurus is best for them.

What is the constellation of Rajni?

When children are born, according to astrology, they are told about constellations, etc., from which their future is known. That’s why we need to know the Nakshatra of each name. The Nakshatra named Rajni is Chitra, whose symbol is a shining pearl. Other letters coming in this are as follows – Pe, Po, Ra, Ri.

Other names for Libra like Rajni

If you are looking for names like Rajni, then there are many more beautiful and unique names from Libra zodiac, in which two letters R and T come, which you will get from the table below. You can also choose any one of these names for your daughter.

RatnaTanisha (Tanisha)
Ragini (Ragini)Toral
RakhiTejal (Tejal)
RitikaTrisha (Trisha)

Names Similar to Rajni

If you wish to know similar names for Rajni, then you can consider the names given in the below list.

Vani (Vani)Ginni
Ishanirinnī (Rinni)

Famous people named Rajni

Rajni is a lovely name for girls and there are many famous women with this name among us who have managed to make a name for themselves with their hard work and dedication. To know about some such celebrities named Rajni, have a look at the table below.

Rajni RazdanFormer Chairperson of UPSC
Rajni BakshiJournalist
Rajni Tilaksocial worker
Rajni Panditcountry’s first female detective
Rajni Patilpolitician
Rajni SharmaActress
Rajni Vyaswriter
Rajni BasumataryFilmmaker
Rajni Tiwaripolitician

girl names starting with ‘r’

As such, Rajni is a good name that parents might love. But if you liked the first letter of Rajni more than Rajni and you want to know some other name of this letter, then for this you must read the table given below.

Name Meaning
Ridhanshi (Ridhanshi)Part of the Goddess, Yogmaya
RitviVedic place, right guidance
Rewariver, star, playful
Ruhigreat, beautiful, pure soul
RagviTune, music
Ravigreat special
Rasikabeautiful, graceful
Ruchipleasure, desire
Rititradition, belief
Rayaflow, free

Rajni is a name that has always been popular. If you want to name your daughter Shahrukh, then we have tried to give all the information related to it here. The qualities and hardworking nature combined with the name Rajni will help your daughter to scale new heights. If you liked this article then do like and share it.

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