Raju Name Meaning

Let us know about Raju Name Meaning. Naming a child is a very responsible job for parents because the name given by you remains with your child forever, no matter who lives or not. In such a situation, you would also want to keep the name of the child after looking at it a bit. In this connection, you have come to our website, then we will definitely fulfill your wish and will tell you about such a name for your son, which is simple but its meaning makes it different from others. ‘Raju’ is a simple yet cool name for boys. If you liked this name and want to get all the information related to this name, then you must read our article for this.

Meaning of the name Raju

You must be thinking that Raju is an old fashioned name. But if you come to know about its meaning then you will also say that my son’s name should be exactly the same. Without further delay, let us tell you what the name Raju means at the end! The meaning of name Raju is “prosperity, prince and emperor”. Its zodiac sign is Libra. Now you must have understood to some extent that Raju is a meaningful name. If you want to know in detail about the personality, horoscope, etc. of name Raju, then definitely read this article further.

MeaningProsperity, prince, emperor
Numerology 5
Amount to you
constellationChitra (pe, po, ra, ri)
Good DayFriday
happy colorwhite and light blue
auspicious gemblue diamond and topaz

What is the meaning of the name Raju?

The meaning of name Raju is “prosperity, prince and emperor”. The meaning of the name Raju defines its personality well, which we are trying to explain in detail in our article. People with name Raju are humble and patient by nature. Their goal is absolutely clear which does not change according to time. This means that they are hardworking and fighting towards their goals. People named Raju are of artistic nature and keep themselves busy in gatherings. They also know how to amuse people very well. People named Raju are also adept in argumentation.

Raju Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Raju is a Libra, whose symbol is the Scales. That’s why the people of Libra zodiac are able to create balance in their life. By nature, a person named Raju is naive. They like to roam around. There is no dearth of happiness and prosperity in their house. If you know in detail about the people of Libra zodiac, then you will know that they have more name in the art field and the career related to it proves right for them. The people of Libra zodiac believe in changing themselves according to the situation. Although these people are pure at heart, but in some circumstances they are also called opportunists.

What is the constellation of Raju?

Raju’s birth star chart is a shining pearl symbol. Names other than Raju that fall under Chitra Nakshatra start with Pa, Po, Ra, Ri.

Other names for Libra like Raju

You are so impressed with the name Raju’s horoscope that you want to name your son with Libra. Whose main letters are T and R. We have prepared a list of some names with these letters, do have a look at it.

RitvikElement (Tatv)
Rajiv (Rajiv)Tushar

More names similar to Raju

Raju is a common yet popular name, yet the personality of this name appeals to parents. If you are also impressed by this name and are interested to know about some such names, then definitely read the table ahead of it.


famous people named Raju

Raju is a famous name from which you must have heard about some famous people and if you have not heard then we will tell you now.

Raju Srivastavalate comedian
Raju HiraniFilmmaker
Raju Bhavsarkabaddi player
Raju MuruganAuthor
Raju Sundaramchoreographer
Raju Kheractor
Raju Lamasinger and songwriter
Raju PatelFilmmaker
Raju Shettypolitician
Raju Sundaramchoreographer and actor

boy names starting with ‘r’

If you are looking to name your son with the letter ‘R’ or are looking for a name that fulfills your expectations, then you can take a look at our table given below.

Ranjeetvictory in battle
Revaanstar, independent
Ratanprecious stone
RudranshPart of Lord Shiva
Ryanfame, god bless
Reyanshpart of Vishnu, first ray of the sun
Ridhan (Ridhan)explorer

In this article, we told you that the name may be common but it is liked even if it has a good meaning. It is not necessary that everyone in the society runs after the trend, it may also happen that some people name their children considering the meaning. In conclusion, we would say that if you liked this article of ours, then definitely like and share it.

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