Rehan Name Meaning

Let’s know about Rehan Name Meaning. Often you must have seen around you that in the struggle to keep a different and different name for the child, people keep such a name which sounds different but its meaning is either not there or even if it is there is nothing special. Is. By keeping such names, you must have noticed that many kinds of problems start coming on the children, for which no other end is understood. If you want that your child does not face such problems, then you should keep the name suggested by us which is also unique and with meaning. In today’s article we are going to talk about very cute name for boys ‘Rehaan’. If you like the name Rehan for your son, then read our article till the end to know all the information related to this name.

Meaning of the name Rehan

Rehan is a very cute name for boys, that’s why children with this name will be found in Muslim religion, as well as in other religions, the name Rehan is very much liked. Rehaan means fragrant, king and star. The zodiac sign of this name is Libra. Read the table below to know about the name Rehan’s numerology, auspicious days, etc.

Meaningscented, king, star
Amountto you
Good Day Friday
happy color white and light blue
auspicious gemopal, blue diamond and topaz

What is the meaning of the name Rehan?

The meaning of name Rehaan is “fragrant, king and star”. This means that you can see these qualities in children named Rehaan as well. Person with name Rehaan have a lot of ups and downs in their lives due to which they are unstable in nature. It is difficult to beat them in reasoning because they present their own different point of view on everything. People named Rehan are of changeable ideology, they have the ability to adapt to every situation when the time comes.

Horoscope for the name Rehan

Children whose names start with ‘R’ have a zodiac sign Libra whose symbol is scales. Born under the Libra zodiac sign, people named Rehaan are straightforward. Belonging to Libra zodiac sign, people named Rehaan are ready to make sacrifices for their near and dear ones whenever the opportunity arises. Person with name Rehan are patient and do not take decisions in a hurry. They like to travel a lot.

Other names for Libra like Rehaan

So Rehaan is a unique name but if you want to name your child according to Libra zodiac then the letters coming under Libra zodiac are R and T. We have prepared a list with these letters, do have a look at it.

Tamimتوررم (Turram)

More names similar to Rehan

Sometimes parents aspire to keep the name of their children similar, which is very difficult to find. But if you are reading this article then you will get the information of name similar to Rehaan then stay with us.

Jahanفهمان (Understand)
जिसान (Jisan)Rehman
Ayaan (Ayaan)Rihaan

Famous people named Rehan

There are many famous people named Rehan who are famous among us for their works. By collecting the information of some of these, we have made a table for you so that you can get all the information related to the name.

Name occupation 
Rehan Singhartist
Rehan Merchantbusinessman
Rehan Malikyoutuber
rehaan Khansinger
rehan ahmedbritish cricketer
rehan rayactor

boy names starting with ‘r’

If you are thinking of naming your son with the letter ‘R’ or you want to know about some good names other than Rehaan, then you can also pay attention to the list below.

Rakim (Rakeem)Author
Rasheedlogic, intelligent
Rahilsheep, traveler, path
RidhwaanAcceptance, goodwill
Rizvi (Rizvi)angel, guardian of heaven
Ruhaancompassionate, spiritual
RaheeshLeader, Chief Minister, Rich
Raheebkind, compassionate

In this article, we have learned that Rehaan is such a popular name that you will find children with this name in every religion. Also we learned that people named Rehaan are patient and understanding which is very good for his personality. So this was the information about the name Rehan. If you want your child to reach heights like others, then definitely give him this name.

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