Riddhi Name Meaning

Let us know about Riddhi Name Meaning. Some girl names are so unique and cute that everyone asks their parents where did you find the name or what does it mean. Similarly, Riddhi is a very lovely name for girls and if you also want to name your favorite daughter Shahrukh, then you can know all the important information related to this name, what is the meaning of this name, its zodiac sign and constellation. You can know through this article.

Meaning of the name Riddhi

As you know, in every household, people try that the name of the child should be very good to hear, but in the culture we are a part of, it is necessary to have a good meaning along with the name. Riddhi is one of the favorite names of the people because it is a stylish name with a good meaning too. The meaning of this name is Wealth, Success, Good luck, Prosperity. The meaning of the name Riddhi has an effect on the life of girls and women, therefore it is very important to know the meaning of any name. Along with this, the zodiac sign of this name is Libra. You must read the complete article for more information related to the meaning and zodiac sign of this name on girls.

Name Riddhi
Meaning wealth, success, good fortune, prosperity
gender  Girl
Numerology 7
Religion Hindu
Amount to you
constellation Chitra (pe, po, ra, ri)
Good Day Friday
happy color light blue and white
auspicious gem Blue Diamond, Topaz

What is the meaning of the name Riddhi?

Riddhi Girl name meaning is Wealth, Success, Good fortune, Prosperity etc. The influence of the meaning of their names can be easily seen in the personality and nature of these girls. If you too have given birth to a cute baby girl and you want to name her a beautiful name, then Riddhi can be your first choice. Parents are quite impressed after knowing the meaning of the name Riddhi. As we have told earlier, girls with this name look very beautiful and attractive and their personality is also very impressive. Girls with this name mostly put themselves before others but are always ready to help everyone. They choose the difficult path to achieve success because they believe that success does not come easily.

Riddhi Name Horoscope

The letter ‘R’ comes in Libra, hence the name Riddhi’s zodiac sign is Libra. Libra girls have a very kind nature and are ready to help anyone in need. Not only this, she is always ready to sacrifice anything for her friends and family. Apart from this, girls of this zodiac like to travel a lot, due to which they keep learning something new every day. She gives color to the one in whom she participates in the party.

The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be R, T.

What is the constellation of the name Riddhi?

The name Riddhi is ‘Chitra’ Nakshatra and whose symbol is a shining pearl. Other letters associated with it are Pe, Po, Ra, Ra, Ri.

Other names for Libra like Riddhi

Riddhi may be a very common name given to girls, but this name is very much liked by all. It comes in Libra because it starts with the letter R. If you too are looking for names for your baby girl with other alphabets coming in Libra, then we have prepared a table of some names. From these you can choose a name for your baby girl. The main letters of Libra zodiac are R and T.

TaraTrisha (Trisha)
तुलीषा (Feed us)paintbrush

Similar names for Riddhi

Riddhi is a very beautiful name and if you too want to name your daughter like this or are thinking of naming it similarly, then do not forget to check the list of names given below.

Name  Name
Prosperity (Samriddhi)Shrinidhi
Growth (Vriddhi)Riddhima (Riddhima)

Famous people named Riddhi

You must have heard the names of many famous personalities named Riddhi, some are famous TV actresses. So let us tell you about some of them who have brought laurels to their country apart from the name of their parents by their work.

Name occupation 
Riddhi Dogratv actress
Riddhi KumarActress
Riddhi AroraActress
Riddhi Mehrafashion designer
Riddhi Davetheater actress
Riddhi Sharmachild artist

girl names starting with ‘r’

There are some girl names that are always the first choice of parents, one of them is Riddhi. But if you want that your daughter should not be named Riddhi but should be named with the letter R, then for that we have found many best name suggestions for you.

Rohinia constellation
Rupabeauty, shape
RupaliBeautiful, Shapely, Goddess of beauty
Roshnishine, light, luster
Ruchihobby, light, beauty, taste
Roopshreehandsome, handsome
Raminibeautiful lady
Ruthanyablessed with immense abilities
Ritishagoddess of truth

Through this article, you have come to know that what is the personality, nature and attitude of girls named Riddhi. Not only this, you have also come to know how this name affects your daughter’s life. Like the meaning of this name, your daughter should be bright in future so you can keep this name. Despite all this information, we would advise you not to give this name to your daughter until you are completely satisfied with the name. In this article, we have mentioned the name Riddhi, its meaning is also very good, so if you like this name then you can name your daughter.

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