Ritu Name Meaning

Let us know about Ritu Name Meaning. Hearing some names, the mind becomes happy from inside. In such a situation, when it is about your beloved, then this happiness doubles. So do you want that your daughter’s name should also be such that the mind becomes happy after hearing it, then you can think of naming your daughter ‘Ritu’. Ritu is an evergreen name which is always in trend. Ritu is a gentle name for girls. If you want your daughter to be named Shahrukh, then for this it is mandatory that you have all the information related to the name. That’s why it is important for you to read our article till the end.

Ritu name meaning

As we said, Ritu is such a name which we have heard from a long time ago. But what is the reason that parents still feel connected to this name. The only reason for this is its meaning. Season means season or period of time, changing which makes the mind happy. After one season comes, we wait for another season to come. You can see the same in the nature of girls named Ritu. If there is a relation with meaning, then the life of girls named Ritu changes. The zodiac sign of Ritu is Libra. You will get the rest of the information further, definitely read it.

Meaningseason, period of time
gender Girl
Amountto you
StarChitra (pe, po, r, ra, ri, ri)
Good DayFriday
happy colorwhite and light blue
auspicious gemopal, blue diamond and topaz

What is the meaning of the name Ritu?

Ritu is a common but very cute girl name which means season and period of time. You can see the influence of season and time period in the personality of Ritu girls. Girls named Ritu are gentle and sensible. Their nature is simple. There may be ups and downs in the life of these girls but they are always happy. These girls named Ritu are prosperous. These girls have a lot of patience. Girls named Ritu are loved by their parents, brothers and sisters.

Ritu Name Horoscope

The name of the season is starting with the letter ‘R’, which means it comes under Libra zodiac sign. The people of Libra zodiac are fond of traveling and funny people. Girls named Ritu of Libra zodiac only think about their own benefits and their way of talking is slightly different. Thinking very far away, she tells her thoughts to others. If someone wants to learn patience, then he should learn from girls named Ritu, she can leave everyone behind in patience. Their way of arguing in debate does not allow others to win.

What is the constellation named Ritu?

Girls named Ritu are born in the Nakshatra Chitra whose symbol is a shining pearl and the letters associated with it are Pe, Po, Ra, Ri.

Other names according to the season like Libra

The season comes under Libra. Because of which you can see the qualities of Libra zodiac in girls named Ritu. So if you are influenced by Libra zodiac horoscope and want to name your daughter with Libra zodiac sign, we have shared some names with the main letters R and T coming in Libra zodiac which are as follows –

Tripti (Tripti)Tanaya
Trisha (Trisha)Renu

Similar names for Ritu

If you are not able to understand the origin of the name Ritu, then we have prepared a list of some names similar to the name Ritu, from which you can choose a name for your daughter.

Ratirīnnī (Rinni)

Famous people called Ritu

Ritu is the name of earlier times which is still in vogue today due to which some special information is available about famous women named Ritu. Take a look at some of which we have told you below.

Ritu PhogatWrestler
Ritu Kumarfashion designer
ritu nandaLate Entrepreneur
Ritu Pathaksinger
seasonal berriesfashion designer
Ritu Dalmiachef
Ritu Agarwalyoutuber
Ritu MoniBangladesh cricketer
Ritu BurmaActress

Girl names starting with ‘R’ and ‘R’

I like Ritu very much among the names starting with the letter ‘R’. But if you want to get information about other names starting with the letter ‘R’ instead of naming your daughter Ritu, then you can see the table below.

Rewariver, star, playful, quick
Rushipriyaname of a raga
Rigvedita (Rugavedita)One who has full understanding of Rigveda
Rachnabuild, arrange
Raavyastoryteller, wearer, transmit
Richaverses of the Vedas, hymns
Rayaflow, satiated with drink
Riddhigood luck, prosperity, supernatural power
RutviName of an angel, season, love and saint

In this article, we came to know that many times we have heard the name around us but still parents like that name. Girls name Ritu is also one of them. In today’s article, we have come to know what is the nature of girls named Ritu and along with it, also know the names similar to this name, so that if you do not understand this name, then you will definitely like some other name. We hope you have liked today’s article, which you can express to us by increasing the numbers of likes and shares.

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