Sarita name meaning

Let’s know about Sarita name meaning. Every parent has the same hope from their children that they become a promising and successful person by being educated. In this hope, parents are ready to make every effort that will help their child reach this point. For this, they start preparing from the very beginning and they start by choosing a good name. So are you also one of them? If yes, then you too would be looking for a name that would be able to fulfill your expectation. Today we will discuss one such name of girls which can fulfill your expectations. That name is ‘Sarita’. If you like this name, then read the section below for all the necessary information about it.

Meaning of the name Sarita

You must have seen many people that their special feelings are attached to a particular person and due to this they name their child after that person so that the shadow of that person falls on their child as well. Sarita is one of such names which is simple but your mind will be happy after hearing the meaning of this name. The meaning of name Sarita is “river and stream”. You can relate it to your daughter’s personality. Just like a river decides its course without any help, so are girls named Sarita. The astrological sign of Sarita is a Aquarius. Read the full article to get more such interesting information related to the name Sarita.

Name Sarita
Meaning river, stream
gender Girl
Religion Hindu
constellationShatabhisha (Go, Sa, Si, Su, S, Si)
Good Day Saturday
happy color light blue, purple
auspicious gemSapphire

What is the meaning of the name Sarita?

The meaning of name Sarita is river or stream which you can see in girls named Sarita. Girls named Sarita have an ideology that goes with the times. Their calm nature gives them a different identity from others. These girls are very honest and full of compassion in terms of behavior. They have to work hard for success in life. Girls named Sarita love to help the needy people. Girls named Sarita are talented like this, but it benefits them less and the people around them more.

Horoscope for the name Sarita

The astrological sign of a girl named Sarita is Aquarius, whose ruling lord is Saturn. Because of this, you must have seen many times that these people are angry but at the same time they are pure in heart. Girls named Sarita are very intelligent. Girls named Sarita like to do things out of the box. He does not like to copy people. Sometimes it is difficult to understand his personality. Girls named Sarita sometimes take such decisions which are beyond the understanding of their near and dear ones.

What is the constellation of Sarita?

The name Sarita comes under Shatabhisha Nakshatra whose symbol is a circular circle. The letters that come under this Nakshatra are as follows – Go, Sa, Sa, Si, Si, Su.

Other names for Aquarius like Sarita

Many parents prefer to name their children according to the zodiac sign. That’s why apart from Sarita, we have also discussed some other names that come in Aquarius, which start with the letter G, D, S, Sh and Sh, so definitely read it.

Savani (Savani)Shrutika
DakshaStyle (Shaili)

More names similar to Sarita

Often you must have seen girls named Sarita around you. In this sense, if you want to name your baby girl something similar to Sarita instead of Sarita, then definitely go through the table given below.

PunitaSamanvita (Samanvita)
RuchitaAnvita (Anvita)
अशिता (Ashita)Darshita

Famous people named Sarita

Many times it is also known by the name that what will be the future of the children. In this connection, if we get information about some celebrities associated with this name, then we will be able to easily know about his future. For this, we have compiled a list of famous women named Sarita, read this also.

Sarita Deviboxer
Sarita MorWrestler
Sarita Mishrabhojpuri singer
Sarita Gaikwadathlete
Sarita PatilFilmmaker
Sarita JoshiActress
Sarita Giripolitician
Sarita ChowdharyIndian-British actress
Sarita Aryapolitician

girl names starting with ‘s’

Sometimes parents prefer to name their children with the first letter of their name. If you also want to name your child with a special letter i.e. ‘S’, then we have tried to give its information below. You can choose one of these names for your daughter.

Name Meaning 
Prosperity (Samriddhi)Prosperity
SaumyaA name of Durga ji, Tenderness
Suhanabright, pure
Siratinner beauty, fame
Review (Sameeksha)Analysis
Sameeramorning breeze
Surbhifragrant, fragrant
SaanviA name of Goddess Lakshmi
Sanchitacollect, collected
Sandhyaevening, association, idea

In this article, we have learned that the meaning of Sarita name is River or stream whose flow cannot be stopped by anyone. Girls named Sarita believe in forging their own path. They have to struggle a lot in their life due to which their outlook on life becomes better. That’s why if you wish that your daughter should also move forward in her life without any help, then definitely name her Sarita. If you have got help from the information given by us, then do like and share it.

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