Shweta Name Meaning

Let’s know about Shweta Name Meaning. His name has a lot of contribution in the life of any person. You may be surprised to hear this, but the name has many good and bad effects in your life, so you should also keep the name of your son or daughter after checking. It can be your own decision to believe or not to believe all these things. But when it comes to finding a name apart from all this, parents still want to choose the best name for their children. Do you wonder what people with name Shweta are like? Here you will be given all the possible information related to the best name like Shweta. This article is especially for those people who like this name or want to know more about it.

Meaning of the name Shweta

Shweta is a very simple and catchy name. Parents like this name very much for daughters. The real identity of the name is done by its meaning, so you must always know its meaning, zodiac sign and other information related to nature before naming it. The meaning of name Shweta is “fair, white, pure, etc”. The astrological sign of Shweta is Aquarius. Let us read the detail about this name below.

Name White
Meaning white, pure, fair
gender  Girl
Numerology 22
Religion Hindu
Amount Aquarius
Star Shatabhisha (Go, Sa, Si, Su, Sa, Si)
Good Day Saturday
happy color purple, red and light blue
auspicious gem Sapphire

What is the meaning of the name Shweta?

Shweta means fair, white, pure and clean. Girls named Shweta also work hard to be successful in whatever path they choose to make their life successful. Many types of qualities are found in these girls, such as their behavior, they are always good towards others and they are also at the forefront to help. Girls with this name are very beautiful and sociable. She can control herself well and at the same time she does not like to waste her time.

Shweta Name Horoscope

The astrological sign of Shweta is a Aquarius. Girls of this zodiac are very tolerant and intelligent. They have a good sense of judging other people, on the basis of which they make their friends. Not only this, girls with this name have a lot of respect for their elders and they do their work very responsibly. These girls progress a lot in the field of studies and bring laurels to their parents. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be G, Sh, Sh, S and Sh.

What is the constellation of the name Shweta?

The constellation named Shweta is Shatabhisha whose symbol is an empty circle. The letters associated with it are – Go, Sa, Si, Su, Sa, Si.

Other names according to Aquarius like Shweta

According to the Aquarius name Shweta, here you have been told the names of girls with other alphabets. All these names are mostly derived from the alphabets G, Sh, Sh, Sa falling under Aquarius, let’s have a look at this table of names.


More names similar to Shweta

If you have liked the name Shweta and want to name your daughter Shahrukh or a name similar to it, then take a look at the list of names given below.

Name  Name
VinitaVanita (Vanita)

Famous people named Shweta

You must have heard the name Shweta of many celebrities. We have given information about some of them along with their profession. Let’s have a look what are those names –

Name occupation 
Shweta TiwariActress
Shweta TripathiActress
Shweta SinghJournalist
Shweta Panditsinger
Shweta KavatraActress
Shweta Chowdharymarksman
Shweta Basu PrasadActress
Shweta Sehrawatcricket player
Shweta Mohansinger
Shweta RaiFilmmaker

girl names starting with ‘sh’

If you are thinking of naming your daughter with the letter ‘S’ or want to know about the trending and latest names of today, then definitely go through the list of names given below.

ShlokaChant, Mantra
Sharvilaholy, all-encompassing
Shuktipearls, oysters
śāriṇī (Sharini)Protector
ShailjaDaughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati
Shonitabright, red
Shubhikagarland of flowers

Shweta is a very common but popular name. The meaning of this name is as good as the nature of girls with this name is also good. So, if you are looking for any name for your daughter Shweta or you just like this name, then we hope that this article must have helped you in getting all the important information related to this name. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to name your daughter Shweta, why and what will be the benefit of this name.

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