Soniya Name Meaning

Let’s know about Soniya Name Meaning. In the society we are living in, two things matter the most – name and your behaviour. Whatever may be the name, but that becomes your identity. That’s why it has been believed that the name should always be kept thoughtfully. It is very challenging for parents to find a name for their child and choose one. Sometimes a name that is good to hear doesn’t mean that much whereas some have good meaning then they don’t sound good. If you are also going through a similar problem, don’t worry. We bring you exclusive information about one of the most popular and loved girl names, Sonia. If you have also liked the name Sonia for your daughter, then read this article completely to get all the information related to this name, because any name has a deep impact on the person associated with it.

Meaning of the name Soniya

It is the decision of the parents to choose any name for their child. Parents do a lot of research before the birth of the child, so that they can give him the best name. Due to this, we have brought some important information about the name Sonia for you. If you are thinking of naming your daughter Shahrukh, then you will find relevant information related to it in this article. The meaning of name Sonia is “beautiful, like gold and intelligent”. Also, because this name starts with the letter S, it comes in Aquarius.

Name Sonia
Meaning golden, beautiful, intelligence
gender  Girl
Numerology 22
Religion Hindu
Amount Aquarius
constellation Purvabhadrapada (se, so, da, di)
Good Day Saturday
happy color light blue and purple
auspicious gem Sapphire

What is the meaning of the name Soniya?

Sonia is a very well known name and everyone must have heard this name. But no one would know deeply about the name Sonia. Sonia is a very stylish name and girls also like this name. Talking about the meaning of this name, Sonia means golden, beautiful and intelligent.

It is clear from its meaning that girls and women with this name are very beautiful and intelligent in appearance. These girls want to make their identity in the society. These girls try to do something different and new than the rest. Apart from being good in the field of studies, she also shows interest in other arts. There are struggles in the life of these girls but after a time they are able to achieve all that they work hard for. The married life of these girls is very good and full of love.

Horoscope for the name Soniya

The astrological sign of Sonia is a Aquarius. Girls of this zodiac have a lot of intelligence. These girls are not afraid of working hard and that is probably why they succeed in achieving their goals. Girls of this zodiac are very beautiful in appearance and people can easily get attracted towards them. These girls get lots of love from their family and close ones. These girls do not have any shortage in respecting and respecting people older than them. These women are social and like to make friends. The main letters of this zodiac are considered to be G, Sh, Sh, S and Sh.

What is the constellation of Sonia?

The constellation named Sonia is Purvabhadrapada and the symbol of this Purvabhadrapada constellation is considered to be a two-edged sword. Other letters of Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra are as follows – Se, So, Da, Di.

Other names for Aquarius like Sonia

Sonia is a very cute girl name and it starts with the letter S and comes under Aquarius. If you are in search of more Aquarius names that start with the letters of Aquarius, then we have found some names for you. From these you can choose the name of your daughter.

Culture (Sanskriti)Review

More names similar to Sonia

Sonia is a very cute name, but in spite of this, you are looking for a name similar to this name, then you can choose any one name for your daughter from the names mentioned below.

Name  Name
वानिया (Vaniya)Tanya

Famous people named Sonia

Although the name Sonia is very famous, but those people who have increased the respect of this name by their work, add beauty to this name. So let’s talk about some of the famous personalities among them.

Name occupation 
Sonia Gandhipolitician
Sonia SinghJournalist
Sonia MannActress
Sonia Dabircricket player
Sonia Jainrace car driver
Sonia MehraActress
Sonia Arorasinger
Sonia AgarwalActress
Sonia Kapoortv actress
Sonia BalaniActress

girl names starting with ‘s’

If you are confused as to what name you should name your daughter with the letter ‘S’, for that you can see the list of names made by us and choose the beautiful name of the daughter from it.

SaumyaA name of Durga ji, Tenderness, Faith
Stutiprayer, happiness
Sulekhabeautiful writing, prestigious
SamairaGuardian and God’s Blessing
Suhanipleasure, happiness
SrishtiNature, Earth, Creation
Surbhimore talented
Sanidhyaon the way of god

It is the dream of every parent to choose a perfect name for their child and we try our best to assist you in this. If you like the name Sonia for girls, then through this article you will get all the information related to this name like its meaning, zodiac sign, constellation, nature etc. We hope that the information given by us will help you in choosing the name of your daughter.

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