Tanisha Name Meaning

Let’s know about Tanisha Name Meaning. In our article, we bring some such names for your children which you will like. Also try to give accurate and precise information about name meaning, nature, personality etc. In this article of names, today we will know in detail about the very lovely name of girls Tanisha. The name Tanisha itself feels so positive and energetic so imagine how wonderful it would be if you named your daughter Tanisha. Read further to know in detail about the name Tanisha’s personality, behaviour, horoscope etc.

Meaning of the name Tanisha

Tanisha is a very beautiful name for girls which is liked by parents. But it is the responsibility of every parent not only to name their daughter after seeing the beauty of the name but also try to know about its meaning so that there is no negative impact in the life of your child later. That is why along with the name we also tell about its meaning. Tanisha is a Sanskrit name and means ambition, desire and queen of fairies. The zodiac sign of Tanisha belongs to Libra ascendant. Read further, know about the constellations, numerology etc. associated with the name Tanisha.

Meaningambition, desire, fairy queen
Amountto you
constellationSwati (Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ta)
Good Day Friday
happy colorwhite and light blue
auspicious gemOpal, Blue Diamond, Topaz

What is the meaning of the name Tanisha?

Tanisha name meanings is Ambition, Desire and Queen of the fairies. When the meaning is like this then imagine how impressive the personality of the name Tanisha would be. Girls named Tanisha are very beautiful. Girls named Tanisha respect the opinion of others. They know how to keep patience even in anger. Girls named Tanisha do not take decisions immediately, but take some time to decide, which also reflects in their personality. Girls named Tanisha have a desire to do something big in their life, which they achieve with their dedication and hard work.

Horoscope for the name Tanisha

The zodiac sign of a girl named Tanisha is a Libra, which is reflected in her personality. Libra girls named Tanisha are simple and clear minded. Girls named Tanisha are a bit sensitive. Sometimes they behave a bit unbalanced and think about their own benefits. But apart from this, she loves her family so much that she does not refuse to make sacrifices for them. They keep their surroundings clean. These girls are also very fond of traveling.

What is the constellation of the name Tanisha?

Swati is the constellation of a girl named Tanisha. Whose symbol is considered to be a small plant swinging in the wind. Apart from Tanisha, names starting with Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ta also come under Swati Nakshatra.

Other names for Libra like Tanisha

Some parents have to name their children according to the zodiac and keep looking for unique names according to the zodiac, but such names are not found. But do not worry, we have prepared a list of such names for you, which are also according to the zodiac and are also unique. From this you can choose any one name for your child.

Ragini (Ragini)Toral
RamyaTapsee (Tapsee)
TanyaTripti (Tripti)

More names similar to Tanisha

Tanisha is such a lovely name for girls, but if you want to name your daughter something similar to Tanisha instead of Tanisha, then we have prepared a list of some such names for your convenience. You can also name your daughter out of this.

दिविशा (Divisha)Kavisha

Famous people named Tanisha

In this article, we have tried to tell you about some celebrities named Tanisha so that you can know why we are stressing so much about the name Tanisha. Do note that in the following list, we have discussed some of the famous personalities with the name Tanisha.

Tanisha Bansalinterior designers
Tanisha Crastobadminton player
Tanisha C Fordamerican writer
Tanisha MukherjeeActress
Tanisha SantoshiActress, Filmmaker, Scriptwriter
Tanisha Shanghvimusician

girl names starting with ‘t’

Tanisha is a very cute name starting with ‘T’. But if you want to give your daughter a more cute name than this, we have given some such names with the letter ‘T’ in the table below, do have a look at it.

Tripti (Tripti)solution, satisfaction
Trishna (Trishna)Thirst
Taniencouragement, inspiration
Tanashvi (Tanashvi)boon for prosperity
Tarini (Tarini)Durga Maa
TarniEarth, name
Tilottamacelestial nymph
Tejsienergetic, talented

In this article, we have come to know that Tanisha is a very beautiful name for girls, which gives positive energy just by listening to it, so imagine if you name your daughter Tanisha, how good it will be for her and for you. She loves her family very much for whom she is ready to sacrifice anything. Hope after getting so much information you must have made up your mind to name your baby girl Tanishaa. If you think this article can be useful for others, then do share and like it with others.

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