Unemployment essay in English

In today’s article, we will learn about Unemployment Essay in English. Where there is no employment and those who do not have employment are called unemployed. Unemployment is a big problem in the way of progress of self and the country. Unemployment is also called non-availability of work to those who wish to work. Today the problem of unemployment is major in India. Due to unemployment, many families have become hollow from the economic condition. Economic plans in our country will not be successful until the problem of unemployment is over. Today we are independent but have not yet become financially capable. Let’s start Unemployment essay in English.

Unemployment essay in English

rising unemployment numbers

The number of unemployment in our country is increasing day by day. Due to the ever-increasing population in the country, double the number of people who are given jobs become unemployed. The government has found many unnatural ways to reduce the population, but even after this the population continues to increase. The balance of the country is deteriorating due to increase in population. Due to the ratio of increase in population, there is a shortage of jobs, due to which unemployment is increasing.

being uneducated

Unemployment is also increasing due to lack of proper education system in the country. Several factors including lack of proper education, lack of employment opportunities, lack of skills, performance issues and growing population contribute to the rise of this problem in India. In the modern education system, there is no provision for employment-oriented education, due to which unemployment increases further. For this reason, people who get modern education have no other option but to find jobs. By making changes in the education system, students will be able to make proper use of education. Students should be taught about technology and works so that they can get jobs on the strength of their education. Along with education in all government and non-government schools, knowledge of business should also be imparted, so that in case of not getting a job later, one can establish one’s own business.

decline in business

Unemployment is also increasing due to the decline of industries. According to estimates, lakhs of people used to be unemployed every year, but now their number has gone above crores. Due to inflation in the country, there has been a decline in business. Due to which the availability of employment has reduced. There is a lot of population in our country, due to which there is a great need for progress in industries. Industries have been set up in the public sector only, unless domestic artisans are encouraged, the problem of unemployment cannot be solved. The government is increasing the number of factories. Industries are being established. Production areas are being developed so that the number of unemployment can be reduced.

government policies

The problem of unemployment is arising in both the city and the village. Many people from the villages have started settling in the cities, due to which unemployment is increasing. People in the villages do not like to do agriculture, due to which half of the population of the villages remains unemployed. In the olden times, ancestral business was adopted in the varna system, due to which unemployment never arose. When the paternal business is looked upon with hatred because of the dissolution of the varna system, the son is not ready to accept the father’s business. More attention should be paid towards industrial education so that unemployment of educated people can be reduced. People become self-reliant by education. Those people do not instill a sense of handicraft. More than half of the people keep wandering in search of employment and the line of unemployed keeps on getting longer.

Social and Religious Attitudes in Government Departments

The problem of unemployment is increasing in government departments from social and religious point of view. In today’s time, giving alms to sages and sages is considered a virtue. When healthy people come down to begging after seeing the generosity of donors. In this way also the problem of unemployment is increasing. According to our social rules and caste system, there are many special tasks for special classes. In government departments, jobs are given according to the caste system. If they get work, they do it, otherwise they sit with folded hands. Unemployment also increases with this type of social system. Discontent among the youth has spread chaos and anarchy in the society. We should leave the temptation of government jobs and do the work which requires labor. Today lakhs of people are roaming here and there in search of employment leaving their ancestral business.

solution to rising unemployment

Unemployment can be controlled by stopping the population growth. The rule of age of marriage should be strictly implemented to stop population growth. Along with this, the education system should also be improved. Education should be made practical. The spirit of self-reliance has to be inculcated in the students right from the beginning. Five-year plan was implemented for the development and welfare of the country, due to which the first condition of any nation is to provide employment to all the people. But from the first five year plan the problem of unemployment had increased further. The solution to rising unemployment is to promote indigenous products, if more and more products are made in our country, then the number of employment in the country will increase, due to which the issue of unemployment will be solved.


Unemployment is a big problem in the way of progress of self and the country. Many steps are being taken by the government to eliminate unemployment. Unemployment is like a contagious disease which gives rise to many diseases, unemployment strangles a person’s truthfulness, honesty and kindness. Unemployment forces people to do many kinds of atrocities. The government is giving loans to young youths to set up enterprises and also helping them in providing proper training. The citizens of the country are hoping that in the coming tomorrow the problem of unemployment will end completely and the economy and development of the country will remain strong.

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