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Today we have brought an essay on unemployment for you, today the problem of unemployment is very serious, on this subject we have written an essay below in 100 words, 150, 250 words and 500 words which can be useful for you.

essay on unemployment


Today unemployment is increasing not only in our country but all over the world. There are many people who are facing this problem because they do not have any business to earn their livelihood. This is such a serious issue that if not resolved, people will continue to be affected by it day by day.

Progress of any country is not possible until there is proper employment opportunities. Although our Indian government is adopting many ways to remove unemployment from India, but due to the increasing population, a large number of people are still struggling with unemployment.

Reasons for rising unemployment:

There can be many reasons for increasing unemployment in our country, some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • lack of education
  • population growth
  • lack of skill
  • desire for government job
  • Not aware of self employment
  • Lack of capital and knowledge for business

In today’s time, the number of educated unemployed is high, the biggest reason for that is the lack of skills. The education system of the country is such that it does not pay much attention to the skill development of the people, due to which people look for jobs and are not ready for self-employment.

essay on unemployment in 100 words 

At present, such a situation has prevailed in our country that most of the people are unemployed. If seen, unemployment is no less than a curse for any country because it has a negative impact on the lives of all people.

Due to unemployment, the life of any human being cannot be happy because along with it problems like poverty and hunger also arise. There are many such people in our country today who do not get work according to their qualification and in such a situation they have to survive by doing some small work.

Many youths do not get jobs at all due to which their life becomes very miserable. There are many reasons behind this, such as rapid increase in population, over-dependence on jobs, mechanization, lack of education, decline in cottage industry, etc. 

essay on unemployment in 150 words 

Unemployment in India is increasing day by day and this problem is very challenging. Although there are many reasons behind the problem of unemployment, but lack of education and skill is a major reason, due to which unemployment is increasing every day. To get rid of this problem, the Government of India has also taken many steps, but till now it has not been successful. 

Although India is counted among the developing countries, but unemployment has set its foot here. The increase in unemployment is very dangerous for any country because it has a very bad effect on its development and progress. 

ways to remove unemployment 

The following measures can be taken to overcome problems like unemployment –

  • Population should be controlled.
  • One should not depend only on the job, people should be motivated for self-employment.
  • The government should provide proper employment facilities for all classes. 
  • Efforts should be made to run the education and system of the country in the best way.
  • Education should not be limited to bookish knowledge but should focus on skill development.
  • Steps should be taken to promote industrialization so that new employment opportunities can be made available. 

essay on unemployment in 250 words 

The problem of unemployment has become common, in the grip of which our whole country has come. Every second third person of the country is unemployed. There are thousands and lakhs of people who have obtained big degrees but still they are unemployed. The situation has become so bad that even after doing more studies, people are living by doing menial jobs like peon. 

main causes of unemployment 

There are many reasons for the increasing unemployment in the country, out of which the main reasons are as follows –

  • There is a lack of education among the people due to which they do not get the benefit of new employment opportunities.
  • People are not aware of self-employment, there is only competition to get a job.
  • The pace of industrialization in India is very slow due to which only a few people get job opportunities. 
  • The population in the country is increasing very fast, in such a situation, the available means of employment are limited, due to which unemployment is also increasing.
  • Many people have a desire to do a government job, due to which even if they get a good private job, they do not take interest in it. But a huge number of people participate in the competition that happens for government jobs and only selected people get the job. This is also a big reason behind increasing unemployment. 

Main types of unemployment 

Unemployment is generally of two types which are as follows –

  1. Voluntary Unemployment – ​​Voluntary unemployment means when a person gets a job but he has no desire to work. Such people are not bound to do any work and apart from this they do not make any kind of compromise with their work. 
  2. Involuntary unemployment – ​​There are many types of involuntary unemployment such as seasonal unemployment, technical unemployment, educated unemployment, chronic unemployment, structural unemployment and casual unemployment. 

essay on unemployment in 500 words 

Increasing unemployment is a matter of great concern for any country. This is because if people do not have employment in the country then there will be no prosperity. When even the basic needs of the people are not fulfilled and they do not have employment, then there is a lot of negative impact on their lives.

The figures of unemployment in India are continuously increasing. This is a matter of utmost concern for our country because the way the rate of unemployment has shot up in the last few years is a very serious matter. 

what is the meaning of unemployment 

Unemployment means that when a very skilled and talented person is unable to get a proper job for some reason, then this situation gives rise to unemployment. 

Factors leading to unemployment in India 

The factors that give rise to unemployment in our country India are as follows –

  • The population of our country India is increasing very fast due to which unemployment is also increasing in the country. 
  • The economic development of the country is also happening at a very slow pace, due to which people are getting very few employment opportunities and in such a situation the rate of unemployment is increasing. 
  • At present, there has been a huge decline in the production of cottage industry and somewhere it is also a major reason for unemployment. 
  • Technological advancement in India is happening at a very slow pace and due to this also unemployment is increasing. 
  • Many people leave their education incomplete in the middle and because of this they do not get proper job opportunities. 
  • Some people are struggling with the problem of unemployment even while doing government jobs. 

problems arising out of unemployment 

Some of the problems arising out of unemployment are as follows –

  • Increasing unemployment gives rise to poverty. 
  • If people do not have employment, then they will start committing crimes to fulfill their needs. 
  • Due to unemployment, a person starts living under mental stress, which can have very fatal consequences because the person gets so upset that he even commits suicide. 

ways to remove unemployment 

Although unemployment cannot be completely eliminated but it can be reduced to a great extent by some efforts – 

  • Small scale industries and small businesses should be promoted in maximum quantity. 
  • The increasing population of the country should be controlled.
  • The government should help the citizens through schemes like self-employment.
  • India is an agricultural country and therefore it is necessary that there should be improvement in the agriculture here. With this, more and more people will be able to get employment opportunities.
  • It is also necessary to make changes in the education policy which has been going on since ancient times. There should be more and more emphasis on imparting vocational and technical education to the students.

10 line essay on unemployment

  1. At present, increasing unemployment is a very big problem for all the countries.
  2. Along with unemployment, problems like poverty and hunger also arise.
  3. The population is increasing very fast due to which unemployment is also increasing in the country. 
  4. Unemployment is increasing due to illiteracy, inefficiency and lack of employment opportunities.
  5. Nowadays, educated unemployment is also increasing continuously, the main reason for this is that people are paying more attention to jobs instead of self-employment.
  6. The government should help the citizens through schemes like self-employment.
  7. More attention should be paid to skill development.
  8. Steps should be taken to promote industrialization so that new employment opportunities can be made available. 
  9. Proper arrangements should be made for population control.
  10. People should be motivated for small and cottage industries.


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