Varun Name Meaning

Let us know about Varun Name Meaning. Our name is the first thing that gets associated with us at birth. This name accompanies us from childhood to old age and we are also identified by it only. Often we have seen that the name is associated with the personality of the people. When the child comes into the world, the parents name it according to their choice. This name can be according to their culture, relatives, wish etc. Some people prefer to name their children after some famous people who are popular in the society. Every name has some significance. Let us discuss one such name below in this article, then definitely read the article completely.

Meaning of the name Varun

Varun is a great listening name but you don’t choose any name just because it is good to listen to. Rather, every information related to that name has to be kept in mind. After all, what is the specialty in this name that is preferred by most of the parents. If in such a situation you have also thought that you are naming your dear son Varun, then surely you will be aware of its meaning. The meaning of name Varuna is “sky, god of water, a vedic deity etc”. Also, the zodiac sign of this name is Taurus. But still you do not have any kind of question regarding this name, for that we will tell you in detail about its meaning and amount. So let’s get other information related to this name.

Name Varun
Meaning Akash, Lord of water, A Vedic deity
gender  Boy
Numerology 22
Religion Hindu
Amount Taurus
constellation Rohini (O, Ba, B, Bu, V, Va, Vi, Wu)
Good Day friday and wednesday
happy color white, pink and green
auspicious gem Diamond

What is the meaning of the name Varun?

Names have always played an important role in people’s lives. Some people have common names while most people prefer to have names that are different from others in some way or the other. Because it makes you different from others. Varun is also an impressive name for boys. Varuna means sky, god of water, a Vedic deity etc. People named Varun are very serious about their career and job and do any work with full honesty. Whoever befriends these people, they try to maintain it wholeheartedly. Although men and boys with this name have patience, but sometimes they become a bit stubborn. But their specialty is that they do not let the trust of others break quickly.

Varun name horoscope

The astrological sign of Varun is Taurus. The boys of this zodiac never back down from fighting no matter what the situation may come. By the way, these people are of very cheerful nature, but sometimes their anger goes out of their control, but in time, they control that too. These boys are very attractive in appearance and their personality is no less than that of a hero. These boys love to be happy and that’s why they try their best to live their life without any worries. The main letters of this zodiac are considered B, V, U.

What is the constellation named after Varuna?

Rohini is a constellation named Varuna and whose symbol is a bullock cart pulled by two bulls. Other letters associated with it are -O, Ba, Bi, Bu, Vi, Va, Vi, Wu.

Other names for Taurus like Varun

Varun is one of the most trending and stylish baby boy names. It comes in Taurus due to starting with Varuna and Akshar. If you are also looking for boy names with other alphabets in Taurus, then we have found some names for you. From these you can choose the name of your son. The main letters of Taurus are E, U, A, O, V and B.

VibhasGlobal (Vaishvik)
Ujjwal (Ujjwal)Uttam

More names similar to Varun

If you want to know about other names similar to Varun, then check the list of other names given below. You can also choose any of these names for your baby.

Name  Name
Nirgun (Nirgun)Virun

Famous people named Varuna

There are many famous men named Varun who are spreading their wings everywhere and bringing more glory to this name with their successes. Here are those people –

Name occupation 
Varun Alaghentrepreneur
Varun Khaitanentrepreneur
Varun Dhawanactor
Varun Sharmaactor
Varun DuggireAuthor
Varun Badolatv actor
Varun Gandhipolitician
Varun Unnimusician and singer
Varun Khannacricket player
Varun GroverComedian, Screenwriter and Lyricist

boy names starting with ‘w’

We have brought for you very unique and best names of boys with the letter ‘V’ and if you also want to name your beloved son with the letter ‘V’ in these given names, then the list of names given below Do check once.

Vibhavproperty, money
Vedanshpart of the Vedas, storehouse of knowledge
Vishwajvast, sacred
Vanitwished for
Viraj (Viraaj)glorious, ruler
VedarthMeaning of Vedas
Vedicconsciousness, spirituality

The final decision to name the child is taken by the parents and they have to face many challenges regarding this decision. That is why this article of ours helps parents who want better ideas for naming their babies. Hope you have liked this article and your child’s fate will be very bright and full of happiness in the coming times.

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