Vijay Name Meaning

Let’s know about Vijay Name Meaning. We have seen many parents, when it comes to naming their children, are so influenced by the fame of some people around them that they even think of naming the child after them and hope that their The children also became like him one day. Apart from this, there are some names which are always popular. Vijay is one such name. If you too want to name your child Shahrukh, then you must know the important information related to it, then you have come to the right place. We will discuss the name Vijay in this article, so definitely read it till the end.

Meaning of the name Vijay

Name is an integral part of our life. Without which it is difficult to imagine life. That’s why the name should be kept after a lot of thought. In today’s article, we will learn about the boy names Vijay. Vijay name meaning is Victory i.e. boys named Vijay have the ability to win at every place. Its zodiac sign is Taurus. If you want to know about the name Vijay in detail, then you must read our article for this.

Meaningwin, win
StarRohini (o, ba, b, bu, wee, wa, wee, wu, bi)
Good Day friday and wednesday
happy color white, pink and green
auspicious gemDiamond

What is the meaning of the name Vijay?

Vijay is an impressive name, so it is justified that parents would definitely like this name. Talking about the meaning of this name, it means victory, whose effect you can see in the personality of boys named Vijay. Boys named Vijay always stick to their word. For them, their self-respect comes first, which can prove to be helpful in building a good personality. People blindly trust boys named Vijay. They do not like the wastage of time at all. Boys named Vijay are honest and lovable by nature.

Horoscope for the name Vijay

The zodiac sign of Vijay is Taurus, which many people also know by the name of Taurus. It comes second in the zodiac. The people of Taurus are very intelligent and think deeply before taking any decision. They are known to do big things because they do big things with great devotion. Boys named Vijay always remain the same whether the situation is good or bad. They like to lead a happy and prosperous life, which they succeed in achieving with their hardworking nature.

What is the constellation named Vijay?

Boys named Vijay are born in Rohini Nakshatra, whose symbol is a bullock cart pulled by two bulls. The letters related to this Nakshatra are as follows – O, Ba Bi, Bu, Vi, Va, Vi, Wu.

Other names according to Taurus like Vijay

V, B and U are considered to be the main letters of Vrishabha Rashi, from which more unique names like Vijay are derived. If you want to name your son according to Taurus, then for this you must consider our table given below. The main letters of this zodiac are E, U, A, O, V and B.


Names Similar to Vijay

While Vijay is a great name for boys, there are other names like Vijay that you might like. In the table below, we have listed some names similar to Vijay, do read it.

DigvijayVijayanand (Vijayanand)

Famous people named Vijay

Vijay is a common name. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any famous people named Vijay. In our knowledge, there are many people who are famous with the name Vijay, some of whom we are going to tell, read it carefully.

Name  occupation 
Vijay Deverakondaactor and producer
vijay joshieconomist
Vijay Sethupathiactor
Vijay Hazarelate cricketer
Vijay Vermaactor
victory lossestabla player
Vijay Prakashsinger
Vijay ChowdharyWrestler
Vijay Gangulychoreographer
Vijay Antonymusician

boy names starting with ‘w’

Every letter has some special meaning. That’s why parents think that we should name the child with a particular letter. If that special letter is ‘V’ for you and you want to name your son with this letter, then for this you can read the table below.

VatsalFriendly, gentle
VinitKnowledge, Venus, Humble
VivaanLord Krishna, Full of life, Sun
Vivekwisdom, knowledge
Vedantatheology, full of wisdom
VirajIllustrious, Ruler, Greatest in the universe
Vidyutlike lightning, skilful
Vihanearly morning
VijitAjit, the conqueror
Vikrantpowerful warrior

It is our endeavor in every article that you like the name suggested by us and we can give you all the necessary information related to that name. The purpose of this article is also that you should know all the important things about the name Vijay so that you can feel comfortable in naming yourself. If you have liked the information given by us, then do like and share it and also tell how you felt after reading this article in the comment box.

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