Water Conservation Essay

Water is very important for every living being. Life is not possible without water and in such a situation, if there is a shortage of water, then there can be a crisis of life in the earth. Even today in many places people are facing many problems due to lack of water. That’s why it becomes the responsibility of all of us to understand the importance of water and contribute as much as possible in its conservation. This is the reason that often students also come to write essay on water conservation. 

That’s why in today’s article, we have brought essay on water conservation in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. If you are looking for an essay on water conservation in different words, then read this post completely. You can also download the essay on water conservation in pdf format, whose link is given below.

Essay on water conservation in 100 words 

Conservation of water is very necessary for maintaining the life and existence of all the people on the earth. If water is not conserved then life will not be possible for all the living beings. No matter who it is, everyone needs water throughout their life. There are many such states in our country India itself where there is scarcity of water like Rajasthan. Even today there is a lot of water scarcity and people have to travel very long distances to get drinking water. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of all of us to use water as little as possible and do not contaminate it. 

Essay on water conservation in 150 words

Water is life because without it no living being can survive. But today people all over the world are facing the problem of water scarcity. The biggest reason behind this is the mixing of deadly chemicals in the water. Apart from this, garbage waste also plays a big role in contaminating the water. When people use such contaminated water, due to that they get many types of diseases like cholera, typhoid etc. 

If efforts are not made to stop the ever-increasing water pollution, then due to this there will be a lot of water shortage in the world. Therefore, for the coming generation, there will be no sources of water at all, due to which their life on earth will become very difficult. That’s why we need to use water wisely and save it from getting polluted. 

Essay on water conservation in 250 words

Water is considered a very important and integral part of the life of every living being. All the people living on this earth, be it humans, animals, birds or animals, they all need water to survive. This is because clean water is very essential to meet the requirements of daily life and to conduct it properly.

due to water pollution

There are many reasons that contaminate water, which are as follows –

  • Industrial waste such as lead, mercury, alkali, acid hydrocarbon etc. 
  • Garbage is also a very important reason behind water pollution, such as plastic items, food packets, etc.
  • The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has also increased more than before due to which water pollution occurs.
  • When oil gets mixed in water, it causes a lot of damage to the creatures living in the water. For example, when transports move in the sea, oil seeps from them, which spoils and contaminates the water. 

water conservation methods 

Many methods can be adopted to conserve water such as –

  • While taking a bath, use a bucket rather than a shower as the water flows less.
  • Never leave the water tank of your house open even by mistake.
  • If there is a leakage in your water tank, get it fixed immediately.
  • To do any work, use bucket as much as possible and try to get the work done with one bucket only.
  • Keep the water tap closed while brushing your teeth or washing your mouth.

Essay on water conservation in 500 words

The way water is getting contaminated today is a matter of great concern because water is essential for every human being to survive. If this is not taken care of, then gradually all the sources of water will end, due to which clean water will not be available for drinking. That’s why all human beings should pay attention to the measures of water conservation so that water can be saved. 

what is water conservation 

Water conservation is a way through which water is conserved so that water can be available for the times to come. The best way for this is to use water within a limited amount. If water is used more than necessary, then due to that there will be a lot of water shortage. Our country India is also a country where the problem of water scarcity is increasing very fast. Due to which people are not getting clean water to drink. It is necessary to store water so that it can be used in future. 

need for water conservation 

The need for water conservation is necessary because if water continues to be destroyed with this speed, then one day there will be a huge shortage of water on the whole earth. When there will be no potable water on the earth, then the life of all living beings can be in danger. In such a situation, if water conservation is done, then potable water can be kept safe for the coming time.

water conservation methods

It is the responsibility of all of us to try to prevent water pollution and conserve water. This is a huge disaster due to which the earth’s water is slowly getting contaminated. But water can be conserved by adopting some measures such as –

  • Water should be used only as much as is required. Many people have this habit that they drain more water than necessary, due to which there is wastage of water. 
  • People who do not know about the importance of water, awareness should be spread among them so that they can play their role in water conservation. 
  • The water that comes on the earth due to rain should be collected because the water that comes from rain is pure. To store rain water, ponds should be made in your area.
  • The excessive felling of trees should be stopped because it increases soil pollution, due to which pollution spreads in the underground water. 
  • Never leave the tap running when you take a bath or do the work of cleaning utensils, because such water is wasted a lot.
  • If there is a problem of water leaking out of such taps which are installed in a public place, then it should be rectified immediately.

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