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In today’s post, we are going to give you information about how to write an essay on water is life . Often in school, students are asked to write an essay or essay related to water conservation, but water is life. This essay tells children about the importance of water which is very essential. If you also want to write an essay on water, then read the article completely. Here, keeping in mind your convenience, we are going to give information about how to write in small to big form from 100 words to 500 words.

Essay on water is life (100 words)

Water is essential for the life of every human being or we can say that no one’s life is possible without water. Water is very important not only for humans but also for animals, birds and plants. That is why it is said “If there is water, there is tomorrow, if there is water, there is life”. About 71% of water is present on our earth. Out of which 3% water is potable.

The potable water present on the earth is very limited. That’s why it has become very important to save water and do water conservation for the supply of drinking water. Water conservation is the responsibility of every citizen. The government is making many efforts for this. First of all, every person has to start this from his home. Only then water can be conserved.

Water is life essay 150 words

“Water is life” is absolutely true and proven. Life is not possible on earth without water. Today on earth from humans to plants and animals, you cannot imagine anyone without water. We use water not only for drinking but also in daily activities. That’s why water is so important. 

Water is as important for the development of animals, birds, animals and trees and plants as it is for humans. Because trees and plants cannot survive without water and human life is not possible without trees and plants. Because only plants do the work of giving us oxygen and food. That’s why if seen somewhere, water has an important place in this life cycle. 

We should not waste water unnecessarily and should save as much water as possible. The government has taken many measures to conserve water, many schemes are also being run by the government.

Conservation of water is a serious issue that needs everyone’s attention. Conserving water is the responsibility of every human being living on this earth. If water is not saved on the earth today, then one day the existence of human beings and the existence of living beings will also end on the earth. That’s why it is very important to save water.

Water is life essay 250 words


Water is a very valuable gift given by God to us humans. That’s why it is very important to protect it. The importance of water is very much in everyone’s life. Saving water is the duty of every citizen. The way the danger of water pollution is increasing today, which is a very sad problem. If we do not save water on the earth at all, then in the coming time there will be no trace of water on the earth.

Importance of water

How water is necessary for every human being, in the same way water is equally important for every living being on the earth, not just animals and plants. Our body is made of five elements, one of them is water. More than half of our body weight is made up of water. It is also difficult to grow crops without water. If the crops do not get water regularly, then you will not be able to produce properly. That’s why it is necessary to have the importance of water somewhere everywhere. People should understand the value of water.

Water Pollution

As we all know that the amount of potable water is very limited, but in spite of this water pollution is happening continuously. Rivers, ponds, lakes and even the underground water have started getting polluted. The main reason for water pollution is the waste spread by humans and the dangerous chemicals coming out of factories. For water conservation, we also need to reduce water pollution.


There is a very limited amount of water on the whole earth, so it is the responsibility of all of us to save it. Because if there is water then there is tomorrow, life is not possible without water. That is why it is necessary for everyone to understand the importance of water. Lest it be so late that you cannot save the water to be seen on the earth at all.

Water is life essay 500 words


We get more quantity of water on earth from river, pond, rain. Most of the water present on the earth is found in the sea. But do you know that water is not fit for your use. You cannot use that water. Sea water is very salty which is not useful for us. Salt is found more in sea water, that’s why only you can make salt from that water. That’s why it is necessary to conserve the remaining potable water at other places.

Importance of water

The importance of water is necessary for all of us because there are nine planets in the entire universe, among all those planets, only Earth is the only planet on which human life is possible, the reason is that there is water here. Because of water, the cycle of creation runs on the whole earth, that is why every living being here is alive only because of water, if water is not saved, the importance of water is not understood, then human life can be in trouble.

You all see how good your environment feels with greenery, fruits and flowers around. Do you know that all these greenery, fruits, flowers and good environment are also possible because of water. Our great poets have also written about the special importance of water on earth in their poems like Rahimdas ji has written in his couplets:

conservation of water

The meaning of water conservation is that ” saving water from more wasteful use than before”. Water conservation should be done unitedly by all the citizens. Otherwise the existence of everyone on the earth can be in danger. You can also save the wasted water during rains. Similarly, water conservation can be done with small measures. If water flows in vain, then its deficiency will be read one day or the other. You all know that drinking water is only three percent on the whole earth. That is why conservation of water has become necessary.

use of water in agriculture

You all know that India is an agricultural country, about two-thirds of the area is cultivated in our country. Five-year plans are being made by the government to increase agricultural production and to give priority to irrigation development. Most of the water on earth is used in agriculture.

start of world water day

To understand the importance of water conservation, the government started celebrating World Water Day in the year 1933 from March 22. World Water Day is celebrated today as a festival all over the world. In all developed countries, work is being done to make available clean and clear water and mostly focus on water conservation efforts.

Water is life is the beginning of the mission

Jal Hi Jeevan Hai Mission was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing on the occasion of Independence Day of the country. In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Modi said that “only about 50% of the families in the country are getting piped water. Talking about the water crisis, he also said that a decision has been taken to pay special attention of the government. Under this decision, work will be done to supply water through pipes to all the houses in the country. This mission was started for this purpose. So that all the people of our country can get clean good clean water. So that people in the country do not have to face any kind of disease due to dirty water or due to lack of water.

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