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In today’s article, we have brought for you essay on water pollution in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. We know how important water is for us, but still water pollution is increasing day by day. While we know that we meet our daily needs with water only, such as bathing, cooking, irrigating crops, etc. That is why many measures are also being taken to prevent water pollution to make people aware. Along with this, to make school students aware, they are made to write an essay on water pollution. If you are also looking for an essay on water pollution (Water Pollution Essay in Hindi), then read this article of ours today.

essay on water pollution

Water is very essential for our life. Without food we can survive for some days but without water our life is not possible. But despite knowing this, man is continuously contaminating the water with the activities of his daily life.

Water pollution is continuously spreading due to the dirty water coming out of factories and the waste spread by humans. To keep the water sources clean, it is very important to make people aware about water pollution.

What is water pollution?

The inclusion of contaminated and harmful elements in the sources of clean water is called water pollution. The factors that contaminate water are called water pollutants.

Water pollutants can be of many types such as: garbage, excreta, urine, chemicals coming out of factories etc. Due to all these factors different types of water sources like river, lake, sea, underground water, etc. get polluted.

Polluted water is not potable for humans and animals, besides it also becomes harmful for trees and plants.

Main causes of water pollution

The garbage spread by humans is the main reason for water pollution. Factors like industrial waste coming out of factories, waste and contaminated water coming out of homes, pesticides and fertilizers put in the fields, leakage of oil and fuel from sea-going vehicles, excreta, garbage, etc. pollute the water.

All these pollutants pollute the ponds, rivers and reach the sea through the rivers and also contaminate the sea water. Not only does this affect the quality of water, but it also harms the animals living in the water.

effects of water pollution

Water pollution affects the entire living world, which includes humans, animals, birds and trees and plants. By drinking contaminated water, man is at risk of many different diseases like jaundice, cholera, typhoid etc.

Due to drinking the contaminated water of rivers and ponds, the health of animals and animals is adversely affected. Apart from this, it also affects the life of aquatic organisms living in the water, due to dangerous chemicals, fish and other aquatic animals living in the pond, river and sea also die.

Water pollution also affects agricultural land. Polluted water reduces the fertility of fertile land. This affects the farmers and their crops do not grow properly.

Measures to prevent water pollution

Many measures can be taken to prevent water pollution such as:

  • Water sources should be cleaned from time to time.
  • Hazardous chemicals and pesticides should not be used.
  • The waste and contaminated water coming out of the houses should be kept away from the water sources.
  • Tomorrow-the waste coming out of the factories should be treated.
  • There should be a ban on bathing, washing clothes and bathing animals in water sources.
  • People should be made aware about water pollution.

To avoid water pollution, we should be aware of the harm caused by it. We ourselves should be aware of water pollution and other people of our society should also be aware about it.

Essay on water pollution in 100 words

As we all know that water is one of the most essential things to live on this earth. That’s why it is very important to have water to maintain the existence of any living being. Every day we need water in different ways like for drinking, for washing clothes, for watering plants, for bathing. Apart from this, there are many other things that we cannot even think of doing without water. But today the way the population is increasing rapidly as well as the industrialization of the cities is spoiling the sources of water due to which the quality of water is deteriorating.  

Essay on water pollution in 150 words

Water is a very important and integral part of our earth and environment. It is a very essential source of our life because we need water to stay alive and that is why it is often said that water is life. In such a situation, if water pollution is not stopped, then water will end from our earth. Today, the way big factories and factories throw their waste and toxic substances into the water, water pollution is spreading rapidly. 

If seen, today we are making a lot of progress, but this progress is most responsible for water pollution. Earlier the rivers used to be clean but now nothing is visible in them except garbage and toxic substances. In such a situation, we all need to prevent water pollution from happening so that the water remains clean.

Essay on water pollution in 250 words

Water fulfills our daily needs and because of it only we can survive on this earth. When any foreign substance is mixed in the water, it is harmful to it, due to which the water becomes polluted. 

Most of the water pollution problems have been seen in countries that are more developed. Although our country India is developing continuously, but now water pollution is increasing very fast in our country too.

ways to prevent water pollution 

If we want, we can save water from contamination. For this everyone will have to make a concerted effort. If you want to contribute to prevent water pollution, then make people aware about it. Apart from this, the following measures can be taken to prevent water pollution –

  •  Do not throw garbage in any river. 
  • The waste coming out of factories and factories should not be dumped in the rivers.
  • People who wash clothes in the river or pond should be banned because it causes water pollution.
  • To prevent water pollution, it is necessary to get the drains cleaned regularly. 
  • In rural areas, concrete drains should be made for water drainage, because rural areas usually do not have concrete drains, due to which the dirty water gets mixed in some way or the other in a river or canal. 

Essay on water pollution in 500 words

More than half of our earth is covered with water, but only a small part of it is drinkable. But with the speed with which the water is being polluted, it seems that there will be a lot of water shortage in the coming times. We all know that water is very important for us but no one tries to save it. If this continues, then one day everyone will be craving for drinking water.

What is water pollution? 

Water pollution is called when some harmful and waste substances are mixed in water by humans or due to animals or due to natural calamities, which spoil the quality of water. Man is most responsible for water pollution. Due to the lifestyle and carelessness of us humans, water pollution is continuously increasing today.

due to water pollution 

There are many reasons behind water pollution such as:

  • throwing household waste into water 
  • Toxic waste of chemical companies which is dumped in rivers
  • Garbage thrown in the drain which sometimes gets into a river or pond. 
  • Washing clothes in the river, due to which the water gets spoiled.
  • Due to natural calamities such as landslides, volcanic eruptions. 
  • When chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in crops, they slowly mix in flowing ponds or rivers. 

damage caused by water pollution 

Due to water pollution, a lot of damage is being caused to the animals and humans of this whole world. When the water is dirty, many types of diseases start growing in it and when any animal drinks that water, it gets many types of diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, stomach etc.

Sometimes people even die by drinking poisonous water. Apart from this, many nuclear tests that are done in the sea also make the water poisonous because nuclear particles get mixed in it. Because of this, all the animals and plants living in the sea get destroyed. 

solution to water pollution 

If a pledge is taken to stop water pollution, then it can be stopped. But no one person can do this work, but now people will have to try together. For this the following measures can be adopted –

  • All the waste materials that come out of the factories should be filtered before mixing them in water so that the harmful elements are separated. 
  • Dirt and waste materials coming out of the houses should not be allowed to reach the sources of water like river, pond etc.
  • Farmers should use organic fertilizers in their fields instead of chemical fertilizers. 
  • All nuclear tests that take place in the sea should be completely banned. 
  • Pets should not be allowed to bathe in rivers and ponds and apart from this people who wash clothes or clean utensils there should also be stopped completely.

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