Winter season essay in English

Winter season essay in English; Let us know about the Winter season essay in English. India is a country of seasons. There are six seasons in India which go on continuously. The six seasons of India are spring, monsoon, autumn, summer, winter and winter. The winter season is followed by the arrival of autumn and ends with the arrival of spring. The winter season in India is very cold. The time of winter season is from the month of November to the month of February. In the country of India, the cold that starts in November turns into severe cold by the time of December. In the winter season, the days are usually short and the nights are long. The heat of the sun which people do not like in the summer season, that heat seems very dear to all the people in the winter season.

Many people also enjoy the fire to escape from the cold. Changes in the atmosphere can be seen on a large scale in the winter season as compared to other seasons. The temperature of the atmosphere becomes very low, winds start blowing at high speed, the days become shorter and the nights become longer.

Sometimes it is impossible to even see the sun due to thick clouds, fog and mist. It is very difficult to dry wet clothes during the winter season. Fog and smog are very common during the winter season, which leads to more congestion and accidents on the roads. We should wear lots of warm clothes and stay in our homes to avoid winter. Due to excessive cold in the winter season, many birds migrate and animals go into hibernation, Let’s start Winter season essay in English.

Winter season essay in English

Winter Weather Information

The duration of onset of winter season in India varies according to the regions and the rotation of the Earth on its axis around the Sun. Everyone knows that the Earth revolves around the Sun. The rotation of the Earth on its axis plays a major role in the change of weather and seasons throughout the year. When the Earth revolves around the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The seasons change when the Earth revolves around the Sun. The Earth is tilted on its axis by 23.5 degrees towards the Sun. For the people of the South, the winter months are June, July and August. The winter season in India has a deep connection with the Himalayan Mountains. When there is snowfall on the Himalayan Mountains and winds start blowing from the north direction, then the winter season arrives in India.

winter scenery

The hilly areas look very beautiful during winters as everything in those areas is covered with the sheet of snow and looks very beautiful like a natural scene. The snow lying on all the objects looks like pearls. When the sun rises, different colored flowers bloom and give a new look to the atmosphere. The winter days are very nice and pleasant because of the low temperature sunlight. December and January are the coldest season during which we feel a lot of trouble because of the extreme cold weather.

This season is the best season to go on long journeys and tours. This season attracts the maximum number of tourists in India as well as invites beautiful birds in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the sky.

Importance of winter season

Winter season has great importance in our life. The most important season in India is the winter season which begins on Sharad Sankranti and ends on the vernal equinox. The winter season is the season for building health, although it is bad for plants, as they stop growing. Many animals go into hibernation due to the unbearably cold weather. Snowfall and cold storms are common during this season. There are many activities we can enjoy in the winter season. In winter season we can take part in many interesting activities like ice-skating, ice-biking, ice-hockey, skiing, snowball fighting, making snowman, snow-castle etc.

Walking in the morning in the winter season is very good for health. In summer season we cannot work for extended hours but in winter we can work for long hours. In summer it is very hot due to which we get sick but in winter there are very few chances of getting sick. The winter season is very important for the farmers because during this season their cultivation is excellent. The dew drops on the green leaves look like pearls in winter.

winter weather features

Winter season has a lot of changes as compared to other seasons like- long nights, short days, cold weather, cold wind, snow fall, winter storm, cold rain, dense fog, mist, very low temperature etc. Sometimes in the month of January the temperature drops down to 1 degree Celsius. During this time winter is at its peak. Cold winds start blowing from the month of November itself. When the winter gets more extreme, winter vacations are done in the schools. People are more energetic and active in this season. The days are short and the nights are long. People do not get tired even after working long hours.

There is more fog and mercury in the morning and it becomes difficult to see anything. Many airplane flights get cancelled. Trains also start running late in the winter season. Due to high mercury on the roads, people are afraid to step out of the house in the morning. In the winter season, people sit by burning fire at various places. The season of winter season is the season of hot food, fruits, sweets and delicious dishes. In this season, more tea is consumed than in other seasons. More green vegetables come in this season than in other seasons. Many festivals also come in the winter season only.

benefits of winter season

Digestive power prevails in the winter season, so people are able to eat comfortably at this time. Good food and drink also have to be taken care of for good health during winters. Due to the low temperature, the skin becomes dry, that is why special care is taken of the skin. Hot water bath with oil massage is considered excellent. Walking outside in the morning in the winter season is very good for health. When we go for morning walk we get fresh and clean air to breathe. Mosquitoes are not a problem during the winter season.

painful season for the poor

The winter season creates a lot of problems for the poor as they lack warm clothes and adequate shelters to live in. The winter season is very painful for most of the poor people. The poor often lack warm clothes. The poor do not have money to buy blankets, sweaters, quilts etc. Such people feel relief only from fire. For the rich, the winter season is very pleasant. They have nice warm clothes. Rich people wear colorful jackets, coats or sweaters.

Due to the low temperature in the winter season, the government has to make arrangements for bonfires for the poor and night shelters for the homeless. Poor people are more affected by the long and severe winter. Due to lack of facilities, many times the poor also die due to cold. Problems like cold and flu become common among the poor.

Winter Vegetables | Fruits of the winter season

Winter season has its own special significance. Crops such as wheat are sown at the beginning of the winter season in low temperatures. Most of the green vegetables are plentiful in the winter season. In the winter season, we can easily get green vegetables like coriander, fenugreek, carrot, peas, brinjal, cabbage, radish. Cabbage, beans, peas, cauliflower, potato, radish, carrot, tomato, bottle gourd etc. all the vegetables are available in abundance in this season. The scenes of cold snowfall in the winter season look very charming. People go to hill stations to see these scenes. In the winter season, beautiful shades of beautiful flowers like marigold, chrysanthemum, sunflower, rose and dahlia etc. are seen.

The view of these beautiful flowers can be enjoyed only in the winter season. Festivals have great importance in the winter season. Lohri and Makar Sankranti are celebrated on 14th January in North India only during the winter season. The festival of Christmas is celebrated by Christians in December. Other large sections celebrate the big day as a holiday. The festival of Republic Day and Basant Panchami also falls during the winter season. Healthy and favorite fruits like- orange, guava, chiku, papaya, amla, carrot, grapes etc. can be seen in the winter season only. The winter season inspires us to face the struggles of life. Before winter season our life is normal in autumn but in winter season our struggle increases. Just as we enjoy the spring after the winter season has gone, In the same way, after struggling in life, we get the pleasure of success. This is the message that the winter season gives us.


Winter is a snowy and fruitful season. In this season we find it difficult to work although the sun is also suitable for work and we like to sit in front of the sun. Everything appears fresh and beautiful in the winter season.

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