Winter Season Essay

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Essay on winter season 100 words

The winter season starts from the month of November and ends by the end of February, yet during this time mild moisture remains in the weather. Many people like the winter season very much and they like the winter season more than the summer season.

Sitting in the sun gives relief in cold weather, besides this people also like to light bonfires in the nights. Our digestive power increases in cold. people exercise,yoga poses, Pranayama etc. and take care of their health. Green vegetables and delicious fruits are also available to eat in this season.

Big festivals like Navratri, Deepawali, Chhath, Christmas also fall in this season. The beauty of nature also increases in the winter season and hence people consider this season better for sightseeing and picnics. We all like winter very much.

Essay on winter season, 200 words

Winter is the season of winter, in this season the temperature of the atmosphere decreases and the cold increases. This season starts from the month of November and continues till February. This season is liked by most of the people. People wear warm clothes to avoid the cold and are seen basking in the sun.

The importance of winter

In this season, almost all green vegetables like peas, cabbage, spinach, carrots, radish etc. are easily available. Apart from vegetables, fruits like apples, grapes,Papaya, doneetc are also available in this season which are beneficial for our health. Farmers are also ready for sowing the crop in the winter season.

Winter is the season of festivals where festivals like Navratri, Dussehra, Deepawali, Govardhan Puja, Chhath, Makar-Sankranti are celebrated with great pomp.


Winter season is very important for the whole nature and animal world. From the point of view of health, the winter season is considered the best season. In winter we get to eat different types of healthy and nutritious food. Almost every person likes the winter season and people enjoy this season a lot.

1000 words – Essay on Winter Season


Friends, there is always the arrival of changeable seasons in India, in which there are mainly 6 seasons namely Summer, Rain, Sharad, Hemant, Shishir and Vasant Ritu. All these seasons have a special significance in our life which give different experiences to our body with the changing seasons.

WhereSummer seasonIn India, our body needs light clothes, when the winter season knocks, then at that time our needs change, in such a situation, we need woolen clothes. In this way it can be said that humans have many such needs which change according to the seasons.

The beginning of the winter season is November, which ends by the end of February, yet during this time the weather remains mildly moist. Many people like the winter season very much and they like the winter season more than the summer season.

If we look at the weather, there is a huge drop in the temperature in the winter season and when the temperature falls too much, the cold increases and during this, the fog sheet is wrapped in the atmosphere on the way out. Due to which there is a possibility of problems like traffic.

changing routine in winter

We all know that as soon as winter arrives, there is a huge change in the daily routine of the people. Where youth and children get up early in summer, their habit changes as soon as winter comes, the reason for this is that winter days are full of laziness, due to which doing any work seems like laziness. That’s why most people like to wake up late in this season.

In winter we are less active than in summer and like to spend most of our time in the sun. Every person likes the rays of the sun in this season, and to avoid the cold, they like to spend hours at a place where they can get sunlight. Sun really makes our body feel a lot of relief in winter. In summer where we do not even want to go out because of the sun, in winter this habit of ours changes. 

beauty of nature

There are many such places in India from where the beauty of nature is worth seeing, such as hilly areas and where there is snowfall. Many people also like to visit these places because at this time nature itself adorns its youth. This season gives us a different experience.

It is very cold in the months of December and January and at this time there is snowfall in the hilly areas and big mountains covered with snow cover the mind of the visiting tourists. The view is very mesmerizing which provides a soothing experience to the eyes. New flowers bloom in the valleys here, which bring beauty to nature with their beautiful colors and when this valley is seen lost in the fog, its shade is worth seeing. Many people prefer to travel during such times as they believe that this time is a great opportunity to experience the true beauty of nature from the real reality.

delicious food season

Friends, every season has its own specialty and winter is also considered as the season of delicious dishes because there are many such delicious dishes which we can enjoy only in winter. Along with this, there are many such fruits and vegetables which are available only in the winter season, so the demand of people who are fond of eating and drinking in winter increases.

The dish mostly eaten in winter is carrot pudding, split peas, mushroom vegetable, many types of delicious parathas and many green vegetables, from which a variety of delicious dishes are prepared. Some people even wait for winter to come just to enjoy these foods. Compared to summer, our digestive system is stronger in winter and we feel more hungry. 

Prevalence of burning fire: –

With the changing times, even though electricity has made every work of our life possible and very simple, like heaters are used in many houses in cold weather, but even today in many houses and in rural areas The tradition of lighting the fire continues.

Although this process has become very old now, still today many people get rid of cold by burning wood in cold and it is also very beneficial for the body. Even today, we will find such a group in the streets or streets where a fire is burning in the middle and people are talking in a circle.

The elders like to stay near the fire very much and lighting a fire is their only support in the bitter cold or if we say like this, they do not want to move away from the fire. Christmas, Lohri and Makar Sankranti come in the winter, which we celebrate with great pomp and in the meantime, the new year also knocks, which is celebrated by people of every religion like a festival. 

Epilogue :- 

Friends, every season has a different and special significance in our life which teaches us something or the other. We should take inspiration from the cold days to face every struggle that comes in life and should always keep ourselves ready for every task. Every season leaves something or the other in us which remains in our mind like a memory.

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