Essay on drug addiction

Essay on drug addiction: Today drug addiction is spreading very fast not only in our country but in the whole world. Most of the young people are coming under its influence. In such a situation, the government is making a lot of efforts on its part so that people can get rid of drugs. For this reason, children are specially explained about the evils of drugs in schools so that they can stay away from drugs. Many times in the examination and in any competition, essays are written on de-addiction or on the harm caused by drugs. If you are also looking for information about de-addiction essay, then read our today’s article completely and learn how to write essay on de-addiction in 100, 150, 250, 500 words. 

Essay on drug addiction in 100 words

Drug addiction has become a very serious problem for our society today. Due to this the lives of many youths are being ruined. Once a person gets addicted to drugs, then he cannot leave it even if he wants to. In such a situation, there is a lot of damage to the social and personal life of a person due to intoxication. Intoxication is not of one type but of many types such as alcohol, cannabis, opium, beer, beedi, cigarette, drugs etc.

But the question is, why do people take drugs? There are different reasons behind every person getting intoxicated. Some people take intoxication as a hobby and some to forget some sorrow. But if the government bans the sale of narcotics, then it can be got rid of to a great extent. Along with the government, the people of the whole country should also cooperate in this. 

Essay on drug addiction in 150 words

The progress and future of every country depends on the youth of that country. But if the young generation of the country starts taking drugs, then no one can save that country from destruction. But some youths do not understand this and consider it very good to take drugs. This is the reason why today most of the youth get intoxicated with drugs like gutkha, cigarette, beedi, tobacco and alcohol. 

Although the government of our country is also running many anti-drug campaigns, but still drug addiction is increasing. This is the reason that many types of terrible diseases such as mouth cancer, lung cancer etc. are being seen in people today. In such a situation, all the people should make efforts to free the people of the country from drugs. People have to be made aware by giving them information about the harm caused by drugs. 

Essay on drug addiction in 250 words

For any country, the people there means the public is very important. But if the people start walking on the wrong path, then the country can never progress again. Today, the way many young people of our country India have become addicted to drugs, due to this their future is going into darkness. Intoxicants like alcohol, cigarette, beedi, opium, heroin make a person hollow from inside. To consume drugs means to invite death.

harm caused by intoxication

No one in the society respects the person who is intoxicated. An intoxicated person fights with his family members after getting intoxicated, due to which the atmosphere of the house deteriorates. Apart from this, those who do drugs can never bring happiness in their life, nor do they have money. When a person becomes addicted to drugs, then he also starts stealing and doing other illegal things. 

Some ways to get rid of addiction 

To get rid of a dangerous habit like addiction, not one but many efforts will have to be made, such as –

  • People should be told about the disadvantages of drugs and awareness should be brought in them.
  • Drugs should be completely banned by the government and if ever a person is caught drinking or selling drugs, then he should be punished severely. 
  • In order to get rid of drug addiction, the government has opened many de-addiction centers. That’s why it is the responsibility of all of us that if someone around our house is addicted to drugs, then he should be encouraged to quit drugs and should be sent to the de-addiction center for treatment. 

Essay on drug addiction in 500 words

Today in our country the habit of intoxication is increasing among most of the people. It is a matter of concern that the youth especially are falling prey to drugs. Young people have become so addicted to drugs that they cannot suggest any other work other than drugs. This is the reason why the Government of India has made a lot of efforts to save the youth and adults of the country from drugs. But the government will be successful in its efforts only when the people also cooperate in it.

harm caused by addiction

The disadvantages of intoxication are not one but many, the information about which is given below – 

  • Intoxication harms the external and internal body of a person. 
  • After getting intoxicated, a person is not able to differentiate between right and wrong, due to which he sometimes harms himself as well as other people.
  • People who are intoxicated always quarrel in their house. In such a situation, due to mutual estrangement and quarrels, many times the family life of the people becomes hell.
  • Due to intoxication, a person gets many types of diseases and many times he has to lose his life. 
  • No one in the society respects the people who are intoxicated and such people do not get work anywhere. 

why do people do drugs 

Nowadays drug addiction has become like a fashion which is practiced openly by young generation and adults. Many times people do drugs only because they want to get rid of their mind from sorrows. But they do not know that if intoxication had so much power that it could end the sorrows of a person, then there would be no unhappy person in the whole world. Many times people consume alcohol or opium at the behest of their friends and gradually they become addicted to it again. But they do not know that intoxication gives rise to many evils and makes a person’s life unbalanced. 

drug addiction efforts 

Although many efforts are being made by our government to get rid of drug addiction, but those efforts will be successful only when the public will also give their full contribution. The government should make strict laws to make the country drug free and they should be strictly followed. The law should not forgive people who are caught doing drugs or those who do drug business. For this, there are many government and non-government organizations in our country, which can make people aware by running drug free campaign. 

It should always be kept in mind that people who are addicted to drugs cannot be completely free from addiction, but such people can be brought slowly on the right path only through understanding and love. It takes time to change the state of mind of drug addicts and for this they should be treated in de-addiction centers.

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